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UK Industries poised for growth in 2018

Last week, in this blog, we looked at the driving force behind SME optimism in the UK economy at the moment. And with the first quarter of the year's results slowing down, there's nothing slowing down the entrepreneur spirit that innovates, and sees substantial growth opportunity in 2018, and beyond.  There's no doubt that we're living in uncertain times - politically, economically and socially. But in the midst of the gloomy outlook on slowing economies, the SME business community is poised for growth.  We look at a few key industries that are being singled out as UK SME growth areas [...]

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Amidst a British economy slow-down, 2 major growth opportunities continue to boom.

As the news breaks on the results of the first quarter of UK growth, with economists fearing that Britain’s economy is losing momentum as growth falls to just 0.1% - the weakest since 2012, the blame game begins. Some blame the snow, some blame the government. Some blame a lack of funding support for emerging SMEs while others simply wallow in their economical slump and stagnation. The Guardian reports that the consumer has played a leading role in the significant slowdown of the services sector in the UK, with the considerable drop of services output and contribution to GDP growth [...]

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The partnership between Corporate Venturing and Workforce Planning

The future of work is here. Our workforce is changing in front of our eyes, and as we digitise and fine-tune internal process to help us work smarter, quicker, simpler, larger organisations are very quickly falling behind when it comes to developing a thriving, productive workforce that underpins long-term business sustainability.  The future of work is thriving on a more agile, startup, entrepreneurial mentality. We are far more open to starting our own business than finding a job, and the trends of company loyalty and employment terms are averaging 2-3 years, as opposed to the historical work-until-you-retire scheme. We are [...]

2018-05-17T12:04:01+00:00 May 17th, 2018|Corporate Venturing, News|0 Comments

Plugging the holes vs re-building the transformation ship: Why turnaround often starts with baby steps

As much as we like to think that a Big Bang approach to solving any problem is the quickest, easiest way to address change, sometimes it's not quite so simple. And when we're talking about business turnaround, finding the balance between action, baby steps and apathy, can by quite often be a tricky exercise. “We are living in interesting times, with multiple transformation triggers all present at the same time, all equally intense," says Robert T. Vanderwerf, Transformation Strategy Leader at KPMG LLP. He adds that, “when four or five significant drivers are changing at the same time, the business environment [...]

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Why are SMEs optimistic about the future?

2018 is set to be another spectacular year for growth for startups in the UK. So says Digimax - a leading digital marketing agency based in London. In fact, in a recent study, it was noted that, in the UK alone, "76 per cent of business owners said that they are currently working on new ideas, and 43 per cent aiming to launch this year – more than half (56 per cent) having previously moved from conception to launch within 24 months." That's a staggering amount of new growth, innovation, disruption about to hit our economy.  And what's encouraging to [...]

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Corporate Venturing: your secret R&D innovation weapon

"A good idea faces so many obstacles en route to market today that it’s a wonder we have any innovative products at all. You know those baby sea turtles that get eaten by birds and crabs on their way from the nest to the water? It’s like that." - HBR, Sept '13. Since then, we've improved the way we innovate, and drive growth - but, perhaps surprisingly, there is still an oversight in the business community about the true potential that Corporate Venturing offers larger organisations who are looking for their innovation opportunity. We're not talking about the creation of [...]

2018-05-08T13:00:39+00:00 May 8th, 2018|Corporate Venturing, News|Comments Off on Corporate Venturing: your secret R&D innovation weapon

Continuous transformation: Why you need to develop a culture of evolution

We're all on a quest for the newest, best, slickest, most agile solution to our problems. And when the going gets tough, that's when the pressure mounts up to get something done, quickly, to move past the problem, and on towards capital gain. But a reactive approach to solving your problems is hardly the trick that's going to see you soar past your competitors, and gain market percentage. If anything, you'll find yourself staring at the now, thinking you've overcome something much bigger than it is, when in fact, you've probably just managed to get yourself even further behind than [...]

2018-05-08T09:23:51+00:00 May 8th, 2018|News, RE:Focus|Comments Off on Continuous transformation: Why you need to develop a culture of evolution

Time’s running out for SMEs and GDPR

There's a scary reality for a bulk of the UK's SME businesses. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, "a third of small businesses have not even started preparing for the GDPR, while a further third concede they are still in the early stages of preparations. Just 8 per cent of small businesses have completed their preparations for the regulation, which comes into force on 25 May." And time's running out, quickly.  Most of us have suddenly, almost overnight, been inundated with "updated T&C" emails, or notifications when we log into our favourite platform or dashboard - all representative of [...]

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If you’re still not innovating, there’s a problem.

In case you've missed the news, innovation is (probably) the answer to most of your organisational woes. Whether it's structurally, strategically, operationally - if you're not constantly looking at how to do things better, then you're quickly at risk of being left in the dust, and becoming yet another statistic of organisational demise. And this week, in the spirit of innovation, we see that expand even more with the kick off of the London #PropTech18 event. Reported to be well established as the leading & most well attended global event dedicated to the technology innovation & digital transformation occurring in [...]

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CFPro Founders help Fever-Tree reach IPO

Geography London, UK   Background Fever-Tree is the world's leading supplier of premium carbonated mixers for alcoholic spirits by retail sales value, supplying hotels, restaurants, retailers bars in over 50 countries worldwide. Based in the UK, the brand was launched in 2005 and soon rose to a strong marketplace position. The company was looking to list on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) and they required a team of experts to facilitate the production of the historical financial information as part of the listing admission document within this process. CFPro was nominated to step in and assist with this critical part [...]

2018-04-24T09:29:13+00:00 April 24th, 2018|News|Comments Off on CFPro Founders help Fever-Tree reach IPO
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