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What the Scouts teach us about finding new investment talent

In the traditional hiring world, one can easily confuse the word "scouting" with the word "recruitment" - and in many cases, one can function like the other. In the same vein, however, the power of a true scout is lost in the mental imagery of binoculars and fire-making.  But the word "Scout" is so much more powerful than merely "exploring in order to obtain information or finding by making a search", as our dictionaries like to explain. When it comes to corporate venturing, and corporate venture investment, the ability to recognise, interpret and identify opportunity becomes one of, if not, [...]

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Angry Societies and the growth of Socially Responsible Investment

Angry Societies: A growing phenomenon steeped in socio-political turmoil and economical unhappiness. Reto Hess, Head of Single Security Research Equity, Industrials & Utilities at Credit Suisse describes the phenomenon as this:  "The years of hyper-globalisation helped reduce inequalities across countries but raised inequalities within them, especially in the developed ones," and as a result, today we're seeing the birth of a new kind of economic trend -  business for good.  But when you're looking for a funding partner that shares your vision to deliver positive impact, are you looking in the right places? From Oliberté (the world's first Fair Trade [...]

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Meet Richard: Accomplished Programme Manager with extensive experience in several industries

Richard is an accomplished Programme Manager with extensive experience in industries such as Utilities, public transportation, oil and gas, and IT. Displaying a proven track record of achievements from start-up phase to revenue yielding results, we are so proud to have him as part of our partner network, offering our clients a truly specialist service - able to meet them wherever their business needs are. Richards has extensive experience in creating success through staff development, customer focus; and profitability across all areas of the business. His influential ability to quickly evaluate, prioritise performance issues to devise and implement improvement through [...]

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Meet Geraint: A Senior leader in IT & Telecoms

Geraint is a senior leader in IT and telecoms. He engages with start-ups and more established technology businesses to increase sales effectiveness, covering sales strategies, go-to-market approaches, target market definition, key account development, partnering, sales organisation structures, measurement and reward, and people development. He is currently a mentor at the Techstars Barclays Accelerator in London helping young Fintech firms to accelerate their growth. Geraint has led major sales functions at firms including IBM, EMC and Colt, including leading teams supporting the largest global accounts, teams of field, desk and outsourced sales professionals covering SME client sets, and teams serving clients [...]

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9 ways to uncover hidden revenue streams

The battle is real. Every company is fighting for survival - some already on the crest of a wave, and others just trying to hold on. But survival isn't the reason you started your business. Survival isn't the reason why you chose to lead your organisation. It might be where you find yourself today, but that's not the ideal you had for yourself, let alone your business. And so it comes as no surprise that as you focus on just making it through today, or tomorrow, the prospect of taking a step back and look at where it is you [...]

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Driving Investment: Reaping the rewards through Gender Diversity

It was Stephen Covey that once said: “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”   Business Diversity is more than just a catch-phrase of the current season.  In fact, McKinsey has been examining diversity in the workplace for several years and in a recent report, they examined company data across a number of industries globally - and their findings were clear. Here's a selection of what they found: Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are [...]

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Understanding Millennials: How to attract best talent for your business

There's a new group of leaders in town. They're ambitious. They're inventive. They're brave. They made up a quarter of the US population in 2017 alone, and nearly half of the US workforce.  The Millennial generation is the biggest in US history, and they're not going anywhere. And for many organisations, this group of people represents a new era of talent;  talent that is tech-savvy and innovative, redefining the workplace as we know it. So, why should you care? In the last 5 years, 87% of millennial workers took on management roles, compared with 38% of GenX and 19% of [...]

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A working example of business turnaround: When it doesn’t cost you much, but loses you a lot.

Business Turnaround is the talk of the town currently. Well, if we’re honest, it has been the talk of the town for many years already – and with organisations trying whatever means possible – be it through acquisition, mergers or adopting new leadership strategies, turning a failing, or under-productive business around appears to be as common as the cold. With more industry giants hitting our headlines, business distress is no longer spoken about in hushed tones, but appear, more and more so, in the headlines over our morning cup of coffee. The CFPro Ventures team has been helping organisations for [...]

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Growing Positively Through The Silver Economy

It's a fact. Europe (and the UK) has an ageing population, and what may be cause for concern for many, brings its own silver lining. This inverted population pyramid may bring a unique set of challenges. Where the demand on care and pensions places extra pressure on our purse strings, there is an opportunity that exists - and one that many entrepreneurs and innovators are tapping into. As we age, and as our lifespan increases, there will be a growing need for new products and services to keep us mobile, and improve our way of live - opening up new [...]

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When Women Lead: Here’s how we #PressForProgress.

This week, on Thursday 8 March 2018, we celebrate International Women's Day, but the message behind this initiative is anything but a 1 out of 365 headline. As part of their #PressForProgress campaign, organisations all over the world are stepping up in their commitment to the pursuit of gender parity - the equal contribution of women and men to every dimension of life.  Where some businesses are committing to maintain a gender parity mindset, challenge stereotypes and bias, forge positive visibility of women within their organisations and teams, influence and challenge other's beliefs and actions, or simply to celebrate women's [...]

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