An introduction to Corporate Governance

What is Corporate Governance? “The purpose of corporate governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of the company.” - ICAEW When it comes to the system used to direct and control an organisation, there is no ‘one size fits all’ recipe. Governance models and structures are tailored individually to the organisation, based on a number of different factors that relate specifically to that business; businesses are dependent on the legal, regulatory and financial requirements within their specific environment. In most cases, there are 2 key teams responsible for effective corporate governance: the [...]

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Top 5 questions on Business Turnaround.

What is business turnaround Business turnaround usually refers to the financial recovery of an organisation that has been performing poorly for a period of time. There could be a number of reasons why a business needs rescuing - you may be losing serious revenue, or you could be facing insolvency. A turnaround usually comes into effect when a business has tried to self-rescue, but efforts have been unsuccessful.   What are the signs of a distressed business? Often called “Distressed Businesses”, these businesses usually recognise that they are in need of urgent rescuing: They don’t understand, nor do they accurately [...]

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CFPro Ventures invited to Judge at New Civil Engineer’s Festival of Innovation and Technology

Hardy Giesler, co-founder of CFPro Ventures, has been invited to take part in the judging panel for the 2018 edition of New Civil Engineer’s Festival of Innovation and Technology. Running for its second year, TechFest attracts civil engineers who are technology and innovation-hungry and showcases the best innovations and technologies that drive our industries, and economies, forward to help civil engineers deliver better, outcome-focused solutions that have a direct impact on our society. This year's event takes place in London on Wednesday 19 September and combines a huge variety of ways to get involved, learn, discover and interact through Keynote talks [...]

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Why your Organisation should be investing in Startups.

For a long time, corporates have been trying to show off how innovative they are. Whether they’re stimulating creativity through open plan offices, ping pong tables, an X-Box in the corner with oversized beanbags and multi-coloured jellybeans on tap, or whether they operate an open-door policy to all meetings, strategic planning sessions and even board discussions, one thing is certain – they are on a mission to discover the new – in whatever way they can. But the reality is that a lot of what they (and you) might be seeking, lies outside of your four walls; far beyond your [...]

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3 things holding entrepreneurs back from pursuing Corporate Venture partnerships

“While 95% of startups wish to develop long-term corporate partnerships, only 57% of them have done so.” – Boston Consulting Group Cisco’s John Chambers predicted, many years ago, that every company has, or will, become a tech company. Digital technologies have revamped almost every corporate function and activity. But where some companies simply change their process, other companies have dedicated their entire livelihood, and that of their teams, this. They delve deeply into finding the new, the better, the more efficient. They’re innovative – and they yearn to deliver change. They’re disrupting the marketplace and it’s because of this that [...]

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Help! I need somebody (to turn my business around)!

It’s transform, or wither, in today’s business environment, with multiple transformation triggers resulting in simultaneous pressures on you, your team and your bottom line. “We are living in interesting times, with multiple transformation triggers all present at the same time, all equally intense,” says Robert T. Vanderwerf, Transformation Strategy Leader, KPMG LLP, and he refers specifically to a tipping point in globalisation, a major slowdown in Western economies, significant shifts in technology and energy costs, and the challenges of regulatory compliance. “When four or five significant drivers are changing at the same time, the business environment becomes highly complex,” And [...]

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How to attract the right startup talent for your Corporate Venture investment

Innovation and Invention is not new. In fact, since the emergence of the steam engine in the late 18th Century (and even long before that) people, and businesses, have been creating, developing, re-inventing.  And in similar blogs, we've discussed innovation at length - looking at Developing a Culture for Innovation, or Fuelling Growth through Innovation, or Commercialising Innovative Ideas and so much more. It's a matter that's important to us. And it's clearly a matter that's driving our economy. But getting onto the Innovation Highway appears to be the single-biggest item on most corporates agenda. The not-to-be-left-behind threat of being [...]

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100 years of powerful women. We look at 4.

Today marks 100 years since women were afforded the right to vote, in the UK.  The Representation of the People Act was adopted in February 1918, eventually paving the way for universal women's suffrage in the country. And since then, women have been driving our nations, our business economies, our communities forward. And how incredible to think that the UK was the 3rd nation in the list to adopt Votes For All with New Zealand leading the pace in 1893, and Saudi Arabia only taking that step in 2010. According to a study run by education technology non-profit Foudners4Schools, in 2016 [...]

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Gaming: The UK powerhouse of industry and growth potential

The news is filled with success stories about massive online and video gaming growth - and recently, the Scotsman published an article which reported on a recent study conducted noting that the the video gaming sector has grown by 27 per cent in less than two years and employs thousands of people. A report by TIGA, the umbrella body for digital publishers and video games developers, also showed that Scotland is the third largest cluster in the UK for video games, behind London and the South East of England. Taking that a step further, PwC projected that the console games industry revenue would [...]

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Is Corporate Venture Capital Investment right for me, and my business?

Innovative businesses pose a constant threat to Corporations. Fact. But why is that? Well, you, as a younger, more agile, more creative, less bureaucratic business has the ability to move in almost any direction. You have innovation and creative thought. You have very little that confines you to a particular structure and model. You're exploring, testing, creating. Your pricing is competitive, your team is strong and together, you're building something pretty amazing. And that's why larger organisations are worried. You are able to move at a much quicker pace than they can. Unless, of course, they start to behave like [...]

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