CFPro Founders help Fever-Tree reach IPO

Geography London, UK   Background Fever-Tree is the world's leading supplier of premium carbonated mixers for alcoholic spirits by retail sales value, supplying hotels, restaurants, retailers bars in over 50 countries worldwide. Based in the UK, the brand was launched in 2005 and soon rose to a strong marketplace position. The company was looking to list on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) and they required a team of experts to facilitate the production of the historical financial information as part of the listing admission document within this process. CFPro was nominated to step in and assist with this critical part [...]

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Why cyber attacks are focussing on SME businesses.

Just this morning, on the national news channel, the topic of business cyber crime was discussed at length - with specific mention made of the UK's SME market that remains continually under threat, and singling out the manufacturing sector as a current hot spot. And today, the news echoed previous sentiments even more with the boss of the EEF, the body that represents the voice of British manufacturing in the UK and Europe, Stephen Phipson reporting that results of a recent survey within the manufacturing industry astonished, with 48% of those surveyed reporting that they have, at some time, been [...]

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Why competition is being sidelined in favour of collaborative innovation.

Many companies, large and small, are waking up to the realisation that collaboration just as important than competition. Traditionally, business views have been based on a survival of the fittest mentality where your strategy is rooted in outplaying, out-running, out-living your competition. Although that most certainly is a strategic influence factor, there's a far stronger growth mindset developing - and that's the power that collaboration, and even co-creation, holds for growing businesses today. In fact, the benefits of collaboration exposed very specific findings in an EY report recently, particularly in the consumer goods market. "Consumer products companies need to collaborate [...]

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Entrepreneur vs CEO: You’re probably not the same person.

Some startup entrepreneurs are just not meant to be CEOs *hushed silence* Stay with us for a second. We've watched this phenomenon for years. Excited founders of startups that have discovered a market-challenging idea, built that idea into a business, developed a strategic plan that sees that idea deliver great revenue results. The team is growing, the culture is great. And things are just hunky-dory. Not always. Unfortunately, the cold hard truth of the matter is that many startup founders simply do not encompass the skills (often derived from years of experience) and innate leadership qualities required of a solid, [...]

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GDPR in 60 Seconds

Guest blog: Martin Norfolk The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passes into UK law on 25th May 2018. It is a considerable advancement on the Data Protection Act (1998) and it affords significant new rights to individuals and places significant obligations on those holding personal data.   New concept of personal data ownership The central theme of this regulation is that EU citizens shall own data about themselves. It gives the EU citizen rights over their personal data, even if the organisation that holds that data is based outside of the EU. Any organisation (commercial or charitable) holding personal data [...]

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The SME powerhouse: The industries driving the British economy

In a recent blog post, we discuss the phenomenon that is the Brittelstand: a name-sake to Germany's Mittelstand: A powerhouse of SMEs driving the Germany economy through innovation, agility and long-term growth focus. And in the UK, the same trend is fast developing. Delving into industry-specific characteristics of this growth, in Germany, Mittelstand firms often manufacture and sell niche products, and as a result, the growth of construction and manufacturing businesses surpasses that of  IT start-ups for example, as they "have less venture capital", according to Winfred Weber, professor of management at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. But things in [...]

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The secrets to growth: Why Britain’s SME community is no different to Germany’s ‘Mittelstand’

There’s a movement sweeping the Germany economy. A powerhouse of SME growth that makes up 99% of Germany’s overall business economy. Over 3m of Germany’s businesses, making up the majority of the business landscape, are SME businesses – and are known as The Mittelstand. They, typically, have fewer than 500 employees and see annual revenues of up to 50 million Euros. However, it’s not the pure statistical categorisation that defines these businesses as being the Mittelstand. It’s something much stronger, and much more important. It’s a complete business mindset. A business culture so unique that the results of all those [...]

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Why the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal is absolutely relevant to SMEs today.

Today is a big day in the life of Social Media Giant Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, where he faces not one, but two, congressional hearings following the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal where the company stands accused of using the personal data of millions of Facebook users to influence how people vote.  And while the world's media stays focussed on Mr Zuckerberg and his involvement or awareness of the serious breach of data privacy, this media headline is a small drop in a very large pond of a much bigger problem: Cybercrime Indeed, accessing private and personal data of millions of online [...]

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How to create a culture of curiosity

Small Children and puppies are curious things. They explore, quite often, without fear of consequence, something unknown - something new. They may be hesitant, but with encouragement and a little moral support, they test and grow their confidence as they taste something new, handle something different, and figure something out. And eventually - they discover their own individual approaches and, very often, surprise us with a new take on something that's been staring us in the face for years. There's a lot of talk about creating a culture of curiosity in the business place. We're being flooded with articles that [...]

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How to know if you’ve got the right buyer for your business: The 4 C’s of Acquisition

Business acquisition is nothing new. Just recently, we published a blog discussing the massive growth of innovation through acquisition that our economy is seeing. And it's absolutely no surprise. The British SME community is a high-growth community of entrepreneurs that offer endless opportunity to both B2C and B2B markets. There is a powerhouse of companies in the UK who are an engine room of SMEs that employ the majority of the country's workforce, enjoying robust growth and developing a loyal staff following.  In Germany, it's called the Mittelstand. And it's not too dissimilar in the UK.  In fact, it hasn't [...]

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