Amidst a British economy slow-down, 2 major growth opportunities continue to boom.

As the news breaks on the results of the first quarter of UK growth, with economists fearing that Britain’s economy is losing momentum as growth falls to just 0.1% - the weakest since 2012, the blame game begins. Some blame the snow, some blame the government. Some blame a lack of funding support for emerging SMEs while others simply wallow in their economical slump and stagnation. The Guardian reports that the consumer has played a leading role in the significant slowdown of the services sector in the UK, with the considerable drop of services output and contribution to GDP growth [...]

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The secrets to growth: Why Britain’s SME community is no different to Germany’s ‘Mittelstand’

There’s a movement sweeping the Germany economy. A powerhouse of SME growth that makes up 99% of Germany’s overall business economy. Over 3m of Germany’s businesses, making up the majority of the business landscape, are SME businesses – and are known as The Mittelstand. They, typically, have fewer than 500 employees and see annual revenues of up to 50 million Euros. However, it’s not the pure statistical categorisation that defines these businesses as being the Mittelstand. It’s something much stronger, and much more important. It’s a complete business mindset. A business culture so unique that the results of all those [...]

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Innovation: The Life-Blood of a World-wide Economy

Business innovation, Open Innovation, Responsible Innovation, Social Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Innovation Management and Innovation Capital – just a few select buzzwords overheard in the passages of most organisations as they wage war on their competitor by outsmarting, outperforming, outliving them and their services or products. And although each of these principles appear to be a more recent testament to our evolving economy, the truth of the matter is that innovation has been around since man discovered fire (or even before that).  So, it goes without saying that to create is to evolve, and to evolve is to grow: so why, [...]

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