The real truth behind Innovation within UK business

One could probably rebuild an entire life-size replica of Stonehenge using all the scholarly articles and books on Leadership and Management styles, 7-fold over - and we are not about to repeat what many knowledgeable, insightful business scholars have said before. However, in an evolving world - where innovation, collaboration and sustainability is a topic so familiar and as common as the salt in our grinders, the milk in our coffee and the water in our kettles, we still we see organisations battling not with understanding what needs to be done, but rather identifying the way, for them, to get [...]

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Innovating Business Models: Why business re:focus starts from the inside-out

We've often spoken about getting back to basics, when it comes to refocussing your business - and for many, that starts with an honest look at critical business systems and processes that may be holding you back, and stopping your team from being productive, engaged members of your business. Innovation is risk - we get that. You take a shot at something new, hoping it will work. Sometimes it does, and sometimes you learn a lesson that sets you on a path for even greater success, and sometimes you simply fall short of the mark that gives you the perfect [...]

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Continuous transformation: Why you need to develop a culture of evolution

We're all on a quest for the newest, best, slickest, most agile solution to our problems. And when the going gets tough, that's when the pressure mounts up to get something done, quickly, to move past the problem, and on towards capital gain. But a reactive approach to solving your problems is hardly the trick that's going to see you soar past your competitors, and gain market percentage. If anything, you'll find yourself staring at the now, thinking you've overcome something much bigger than it is, when in fact, you've probably just managed to get yourself even further behind than [...]

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If you’re still not innovating, there’s a problem.

In case you've missed the news, innovation is (probably) the answer to most of your organisational woes. Whether it's structurally, strategically, operationally - if you're not constantly looking at how to do things better, then you're quickly at risk of being left in the dust, and becoming yet another statistic of organisational demise. And this week, in the spirit of innovation, we see that expand even more with the kick off of the London #PropTech18 event. Reported to be well established as the leading & most well attended global event dedicated to the technology innovation & digital transformation occurring in [...]

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Why competition is being sidelined in favour of collaborative innovation.

Many companies, large and small, are waking up to the realisation that collaboration just as important than competition. Traditionally, business views have been based on a survival of the fittest mentality where your strategy is rooted in outplaying, out-running, out-living your competition. Although that most certainly is a strategic influence factor, there's a far stronger growth mindset developing - and that's the power that collaboration, and even co-creation, holds for growing businesses today. In fact, the benefits of collaboration exposed very specific findings in an EY report recently, particularly in the consumer goods market. "Consumer products companies need to collaborate [...]

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3 Hacks to expose Innovation within your Business today

Innovation is whatever everyone wants, these days. Some are paying for it. Some are trying to create it themselves. Some are trying to reign it in, while some are trying to unearth hidden creativity. One thing is true – we all need it – and regardless of what business you’re in, and what market you’re trying to reach, we know that your clients want the best that their buck can afford. They want a confident, and stress-free purchase cycle without having to think about it, but knowing that it will deliver exactly what they’re after. And it’s up to you [...]

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Paying homage to another great Inventor, Trevor Bayliss

Photo: BBC For regular followers of our blog, you will no doubt be aware of the enthusiasm and strong belief we hold in the power of innovation within business. Organisations that are disrupting their markets, traditional processes being thrown out of the window in a bid to move and flex with a changing economy. But when it comes to remarkable innovation, and in particular, inventions, we particularly enjoy shining some light on the remarkable men and women in British history who have led the way for the rest of us. And so, today's blog may be slightly different. [...]

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When Innovation Opportunity meets M&A and Venture Investment

We recently wrote a blog about the trend we find ourselves in where growth is being fueled through innovation. And when we take a step deeper into the detail of the study completed by Deloitte, we notice some key market disruptors taking place, shaping our economy in a big way, and the role that Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture investments play in capturing the opportunities afforded to the rest of the working world, through innovation. According to Deloitte, there are some major disruptors at play occupying 3 very huge seats at the Growth Strategy Table: Shifts in Technology, Shifts in [...]

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Focus on Friday: Fastbrick Robotics

When companies are inventing ways to make things better and quicker -  that's progress. And in a world where innovation is the new blood that drives our economy, companies like this next one are pushing the limit and transforming their industries in ways that most people probably never imagined. Introducing: Fastbrick Robotics Imagine a world where construction becomes a 24/7 delivering activity - where building blocks are set out quicker than it takes to cook a Shepherd's Pie and where buildings are erected, literally, overnight - and all through robotics. In this Focus on Friday feature, we look at Fastbrick [...]

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How to develop a culture for innovation

Open Innovation. The Circular Economy. The Sharing Economy. The Gig Economy. Networking. Collaborating. The Future of Work. It’s a sign of the times – businesses are gearing up for a new economy – and stemming out of this is a drive to create new, be new and deliver new, in order to survive. But when it comes to future-proofing your organisation against the symptoms of change and unexpected downturns, just how do you do that effectively if you don’t know what you’re future-proofing your business against? Simple. You make sure you have an organisational culture that embraces change, is agile [...]

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