Plugging the holes vs re-building the transformation ship: Why turnaround often starts with baby steps

As much as we like to think that a Big Bang approach to solving any problem is the quickest, easiest way to address change, sometimes it's not quite so simple. And when we're talking about business turnaround, finding the balance between action, baby steps and apathy, can by quite often be a tricky exercise. “We are living in interesting times, with multiple transformation triggers all present at the same time, all equally intense," says Robert T. Vanderwerf, Transformation Strategy Leader at KPMG LLP. He adds that, “when four or five significant drivers are changing at the same time, the business environment [...]

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Continuous transformation: Why you need to develop a culture of evolution

We're all on a quest for the newest, best, slickest, most agile solution to our problems. And when the going gets tough, that's when the pressure mounts up to get something done, quickly, to move past the problem, and on towards capital gain. But a reactive approach to solving your problems is hardly the trick that's going to see you soar past your competitors, and gain market percentage. If anything, you'll find yourself staring at the now, thinking you've overcome something much bigger than it is, when in fact, you've probably just managed to get yourself even further behind than [...]

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Operationally sound. Operationally real. Operationally reliant.

When new clients get to know us, without fail, it’s our operational insight that helps us to stand out from other business support initiatives. In particular, the fact that we are able to talk from a position of experience as opposed to directive.   Without flapping the t-shirt in front of your screen, when we say, “We’ve been there” – we mean it. Here’s why:   Working today, building for the future The very foundation of our business, our business ethos, our extended partner network and almost everything we do, is about planning for the future – whatever your dream [...]

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