CFPro Ventures attends Miramar’s Leadership Forum

Hardy Giesler, co-founder of CFPro Ventures, had the pleasure to attend executive search recruitment company Miramar's leadership forum in West London this week, in conjunction with Elite Performance Partners. The event, attended by leadership teams and individuals from various organisations, was focussed on discussing ways for leadership teams to create high performance organisations. As part of the event, a panel of experts shared their views on organisational growth strategies and the balance of working with the right talent in a challenging economical time.  The panel consisted of: Dave Reddin - Head of Team Strategy and Performance at the Football Association [...]

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5 ways that Business Agility gets your business ready for Brexit

One thing is certain. Over the next 12 - 24 months, things are going to change for the British business community in a big way. Brexit. And where March 2019 seems to be marked with a big red question mark on most of our Calendars, the focus seems to only remain on How and When. Dangerous territory. Despite attempted predictions and imaginings on what the world will look like post-Brexit – there’s unfortunately no clear-cut blue-print that plots the state of the economic world, until we actually get there. And that doesn’t fill many businesses with confidence. Especially the smaller, [...]

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Case Study: Online Gaming Technology Platform

Customers come to CFPro Ventures because they recognise they need help to achieve exponential growth. And in the case of this entrepreneur, that was no different. This iGaming and printed publication business built their enterprise from the ground up, led by a very innovative, and forward-thinking entrepreneur, called Dobromir.   Having set out on his business journey when the online gaming industry was just starting to boom in Eastern Europe in 2007, he immediately recognised new opportunities to build and grow a business through multiple channels that now became available to him. Over a period of 6 months, he not [...]

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Proud to judge and mentor entrepreneurs of the future

CFPro Ventures were recently invited to take part in an initiative that supports and encourages business growth and entrepreneurship. The event, run by the The Startup Leadership Program, offered budding entrepreneurs and business leaders to pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry experts who had the opportunity to critique and offer advice that would help them improve their pitching style, and develop their business ideas even more. The SLP is a global, not-for-profit educational program and professional network for the next generation of founders and entrepreneurs. As part of the judging and mentoring panel, we worked alongside industry stalwarts [...]

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It’s time to get your invention to market. Here’s how.

For centuries, Britain has been known as an innovation powerhouse. Individuals, just like you, have been (and still are) coming up with ideas and products which completely transform the way our world turns. And as the curve of innovation only continues to grow, there is one huge problem. Innovation without commercialisation means nothing. Harsh, but true. From Universities to start-ups to science labs to boardroom tables, the United Kingdom is a fertile ground for innovation. However, the one missing element of successful innovation constantly being overlooked is effective monetisation. Without this, we’d still be living in the dark, travelling to [...]

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The (Private Equity) times, they are a changing.

The investment world is facing huge change. Our entire economy is being bent and twisted, scrutinised and tested. Whether it’s political instability or changing customer demands, our markets are reaching new levels of uncertainty and insecurity. But, where most industries are facing dread, there are some which are fast developing agility and insight that is seeing them outlast many others in the same race. Against a backdrop of macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, it has been anything but an easy ride. However, despite the uncertainty that this has created, “record levels of fresh capital and an abundance of cheap debt have [...]

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5 reasons why strategic planning is like taking a trip to Miami

It’s that time of year: Frantic end-of-year targets on one side, year-end holiday planning on the other. And while you take a break from crunch-time, we invite you think about your next holiday destination. Let’s say that you’ve decided to take a trip to a warm and sunny Miami. You have your destination in mind – and you know it’s going to be amazing when you get there. You’re looking forward to the journey and you’re excited about treating yourself after a long period of hard work and careful planning. But getting there is no work of magic – it [...]

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Focus on Friday: Airportr

In our recent #TechTrends blog cycle, we covered a variety of businesses disrupting their traditional marketplaces through embracing technology to deliver better, faster, simpler. And the world of #TravelTech is no different. And this week, our Focus on Friday feature is proud to focus on an airline, technology and transportation solutions provider called AirPortr.  AirPortr provide integrated technology and transport solutions to airlines to transform the experience of heading to, through and from an airport. In the quest to deliver an integrated customer experience, AirPortr developed a product that brings the ease of the Bag Drop right to your front [...]

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Even young entrepreneurs need exit strategies

Think The Exit Strategy is just for mid-senior executives? Think again. Entrepreneurs, regardless of age, live for the struggle and excitement of starting something new. And although many keep their focus on moving past their first few years in business, many neglect to think about an exit strategy – how to get their money back out again. Traditionally, the Exit Strategy used to be something that was synonymous with the more senior executive, but with more and more younger entrepreneurs disrupting our marketplace and creating exciting new businesses, the traditional Exit Strategy has become a concern for all ages. And [...]

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The birth of the Millennipreneur

A new generation of entrepreneurs has arrived – and they’re starting businesses quicker that it takes to boil the kettle. They’re not only starting more businesses, but they’re already outperforming their parents and these so-called “Millennipreneurs”, at just 20 to 35 years old, are starting more companies, managing bigger talent teams and targeting higher profit than their predecessors. These findings come from the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, and it recalls: “From Generation Y, born between 1980 and 1995, they stand out by creating an increased number of companies, both in the new economy and traditional sectors. They average launched [...]

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