The UK SME: Carrying the country through Change

Today is another big day in the UK's Brexit challenge. The 29th of March inches closer as the country aims to decide it's future. MPs will vote later today on Theresa May's Withdraw Bill. And while Westminster aims to garner clarification, the UK business community tries to focus on what their own growth futures may look like. 2 Years of preparation and planning now kick into play as businesses start to place their faith in their growth strategies as they continue to steer their ships through the next few months. And while Brexit happens, 2019 also brings a host of [...]

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Embracing Digitisation: Your choice to make? Maybe not.

The choice to become Digital may not be yours to make for much longer. It's all over the news. The UK's NHS has just released their 'Long-Term Plan' and, as can be expected, has been making headlines for the past week. In fact, 2019 holds a lot in store for the UK amidst Brexit, changes in regulations in March / April this year, the increase of the national minimum wage. It stands to reason that business owners are increasingly cautious about what their business will look like at the end of this year. But one thing's for certain - there [...]

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