Getting things right, the first time around, has never been more critical than when successfully securing your first investment. That’s why keeping your investors informed, updated and, most of all, happy, is paramount – especially if you want them to continue supporting your business. So, instead of ‘going it alone’ as so many unsuccessful applicants have tried in the past – we give you 4 reasons why you need expert help when it comes to investor reporting


We know what they know they want.

Yes, stick with us here. As seasoned experts in investor relations, we have a solid idea what investors in your business are looking for. That means – they know what they want to see in reports, they know what kind of communication they expect from you. For you to get it right immediately is important to maintain a great, open relationship with your investors – especially if your business strategy includes 2nd round funding further down the line.



Benchmarking is one of the most valuable things any business can do, but remains to be one of the weakest areas of company internal and external reporting.  Why? Because good, solid benchmarking data can sometimes be extremely hard to come by. But not if you work with someone who has worked across industry, across vertical, across business size and who is able to offer you guidance on how and what to present in your investor reporting, that will provide continued insight on your marketplace, provide reassurance to your investors that you are consciously leading your business (and their investment) to success and demonstrate a willingness to continually develop honest and transparent relationships with those who are integral to your business – including your stakeholders.


We know what’s most relevant to your business.   

There is no point spending hours deciphering data and creating charts to display data that has absolutely no, or very little, relevance to your business. That’s where so many get it wrong: They think they know what investors want to see – but the contrary is true. You need to be able to confidently report on information and trends that you consider important to your own business first and foremost, and in the same breath, holds a true reflection on the progression of your stakeholders’ investment. Using expert help means you spend your time on things that truly matter, and will yield results for you, your business and your investors.


Forget Location. It’s all about Relationship! Relationship! Relationship!

But how is that relevant to reporting? It’s very much so.  Inevitably, reporting highlights things – sometimes those things are great, and sometimes those things require a bit of work, and sometimes, those things may be a little difficult to process. Working through business challenges, that are invariably presented through your ongoing reporting, is so much more efficiently done if you’ve taken the time to develop relationship with your stakeholders and investors, who will need discussion and sometimes, explanation.  The very heart of what we do is built on relationship. So it should be for any expert you choose to work with when undertaking something as exciting as a funding initiative.  And for many experts, like CFPro Ventures, we will have long-standing, developed relationships with many investor groups already that can catapult you way ahead, and straight into the right place, with the right people, at the right time. Building an honest relationship with any stakeholder takes time – working with an expert that understands that, and already has forged relationships with many investors before, immediately puts you in the lead.


If you’re ready to work with a business who is more than capable of delivering exponential growth for your business, then you are ready to work with us. Get in touch today.