Let’s face it – if you’re reading this, then you’re a switched-on, innovative, entrepreneurial business owner or leader of a business that is profitable, and ready for growth.

You demonstrate existing strong client relationships, and your organisation, regardless of size, generates regular revenue streams with great-looking turnovers.  Your business, and you, are gaining media and market awareness and you are absolutely ready to grow exponentially. But there’s one thing stopping your growth – you require funding. 

As a business leader, you’re passionate about what you do, involved, fun-loving and driven by success – but you seek council from experienced business mentors who can propel your business forward.  So, what’s stopping you from achieving your next best thing?

In this blog, we share some of the most common reasons used by business s owners in the marketplace who, despite being ready for growth, risk missing out on huge business opportunity.


“I can do this myself”

The marketplace is flooded by people who try to go it alone. For many, it may be because they have no other choice, and for others, it could be sheer ignorance. The media is filled with stories of businesses who, although they had the best potential, just didn’t make the final cut, like this article which shares the top 10 IPO flops of all time.   During our careers, we’ve seen so many business owners fail simply because they weren’t willing to accept help to secure success. Asking for business help is not a weakness, it’s a determination to succeed.


“How much is this going to cost me?”

Hidden costs and high interest rates are the things of nightmares – especially when it comes to long-term business contracts, which is why we are different. Choosing to work with CFPro Ventures means that you get a transparent pricing model which is discussed and agreed with you upfront – meaning that before you, or we, undertake any business practice, you know exactly what the costs involved are, allowing you to manage your finances and your infrastructure intelligently, with our help.


“I’ve been burnt before”

We’ve seen it many times before. The business world, unfortunately, will never be rid of cowboys – and as long as there is money to spend, so too will exist the people who take advantage of the first-timers, those who are unsure, and those who simply make the wrong choice.  In a recent article on our blog, we provided some tips and advice on knowing how to choose the right business support. If you’ve attempted business growth before, but simply chose the wrong direction – there is a u-turn opportunity for you – and we’d love to talk to you about it. Take the time to understand who we are, ask your questions, and investigate.  And remember, choosing CFPro Ventures means that your success becomes our success


“I’m not sure that I’m ready”

Nobody ever feels completely ready for a massive new step in their lives – personal or otherwise. So, it’s safe to say that taking the step is more about knowing that you have the right business team on your side who has helped you prepare adequately for your next exciting business journey.  And if we don’t think you’re ready, we’ll be upfront with you – and work with you and your organisation to get you fit and prepared for the moment when you are.


Finding the right business support is critical to being ready for change. Give us a call today about finding your path to business growth.