We live in a world where business support is available at the click of a button. In fact, it doesn’t take much to become overwhelmed by just how much “business support” is out there through investment opportunities, growth strategists, infrastructure experts. So before you become completely overwhelmed by knowing where to look, we’ve put together 5 suggestions to look for, when searching for the right business support. 

1. Look for history & accreditation

There comes a point, when spoken words only go so far, and proof starts to take over. So, when on the hunt for business support – finding the right organisation who has intrinsic knowledge of what you’re trying to achieve, is vital. You’re looking for a solid track record with strong credentials. You are brilliant at what you do, and you’re ready to take your business to a new growth level – but you need someone who has been there, and done that before, to walk alongside you to get you there. In a world of flippancy and lip service, identifying true ability through experience, testimonials and a strong performance is critical to finding the team who will help to get you to where you need to be.


2. Look for someone who supports YOUR agenda, not theirs

Appointing any individual or business to take on a cornerstone function in your business strategy is a big step, which is all the more reason why you need to find someone who supports your business vision, not their own. Look for business support that is dedicated to helping you get to what you need, and works as one of your own, but who understands the mission ahead of them, and is fully capable of conquering all complexity that involved, with your best interests at heart.

3. Look for integrity

As a leader of an exciting business who is ready to step up to the next business challenge, you need a business support partner who is confident in their ability and honest in their delivery – someone who speaks and acts with integrity, and is focussed on delivering your results. Steer clear of organisations whose actions and delivered results contradict the words that they think you want to hear.


4. Look for diversity of skill

No two businesses are identical – no matter how much they appear to be. You have a unique team, a unique value proposition, and a unique vision – and so it’s critical for you to have a business support team who brings with them a huge diversity of skill and ability and who are able, when required, to implement action and harness speciality of expertise to fulfil your vision and growth strategy. Look for diversity of skill, look for a strong, solid network of individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge that can deliver exactly what you need.

5. Look for someone who will keep you compliant.

When they’re on your side, they will know what it means to ensure you remain compliant and on track – especially when it comes to investor due diligence, board member management and the functional activities that keep you on track once your objectives have been achieved. You may have successfully achieved your next step in business, and many business leaders, at this point, may run the risk of neglecting the importance of maintaining business infrastructure: infrastructure that will continue to manage critical areas like investor relations and continuously manage and develop investor confidence. That’s why you need a business support team who is able to ensure that your business is kept on track, while you focus on your core activities – and growth.

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