We continue our Top Tech Trend countdown this week and look at #HealthTech companies who are shaking up and disrupting the health industry. With innovation at the top of the industry’s agenda, businesses in the healthtech space are using AI, Machine-Learning and mobile availability to deliver critical care and life-changing solutions. We look at 10 businesses who stand out through innovation.


  1. Zesty: Having direct access to a health professional through a mobile or online platform, is becoming the norm – and Zesty is one platform that gives users direct opportunities to book appointments with Dentists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Masseuses, Podiatrists and Private Doctors. Absolutely free to book, all you do is select who you’d like to see, select the reason why you need to see them, select your location – and then find an appointment that suits. Also offering NHS options, Zesty has become the most popular on-demand access to medical health professionals across a number of platforms.


  1. Lumeon: “Lumeon is a digital health company leveraging Care Pathway Management (CPM) to take a fresh approach to healthcare delivery”, they say. Lumeon provides options for healthcare providers to design and create their own data-driven care pathways and unify clinical and administration data. Counting 7 out of the top 10 leading European independent providers as their clients, and deployed throughout 11 countries in the world, Lumeon’s Care Pathway Manager is used to schedule over 1.3 million appointments every year.


  1. HomeTouch: Finding home care has become so much easier through HomeTouch’s platform. Providing an easy way to find either live-in care, or home visit care directly with carers available in your area, HomeTouch has built up a database of vetted and approved carers who are able to provide personal care as well as companionship to those who require it most. Each carer is taken through an in-depth interview process and have the necessary references, compliance and criminal record checks to ensure that all customers remain safe, and receive the care they need.


  1. Big Health: The masters in what they call, “Digital Medicine”, Big Health are taking mental health, online. By creating automated behavioral programs scalable enough to help everyone in need, Big Health deliver good mental health without the “pills and the potions”. The team believe that the challenge to helping people deal with mental health challenges is being able to find them in the first place. They have developed a solution called Sleepio which starts with a custom communications campaign helping organisations to help their employees become more a more productive, happier, engaged and engaged team.


  1. uMotif: uMotif is a next-generation patient data capture platform. Creating tools which patients enjoy using, uMotif delivers fast, scalable and engaging patient-data for modern research activity. Combining the use of new tech which includes sensors and wearables, they capture critical patient data through their cloud-based platform and are used by world-leading clients and partners such as the NHS, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Global Kinetics, AstraZeneca and more.


  1. Medopad: Medopad provides mobile solutions that aims to close the gap between doctor and patient, enhance treatment regimens and improve quality of medical care. They believe that by improving communication between teams and departments throughout the healthcare journey, patient care improves, inpatient stays decrease, repeat diagnostic tests and follow up appointments are reduced. “From admission to discharge, Medopad will save valuable resources so that you can focus on what you do best, better. Less errors, less frustration, less waste.”


  1. Babylon: Babylon brings your doctor appointment to your mobile phone. Teaming vetted, qualified doctors up with advanced technology, Babylon offers its users to connect with a doctor within a few minutes – whether by video call, or text, Babylon’s doctor appointments are available 24/7, and also sends prescriptions to your front door – regardless of where you are – even if you are abroad. Whether you choose to subscribe for a year, or simply use it as a one-off solution, Babylon is accessible, and on-demand – without the queues.


  1. Antidote: Antidote is “a digital health company on a mission”. Using cutting-edge technology, Antidote matches the right patients with the right trials. Their mission is to speed up the breakthroughs of potentially life-saving treatments, by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need it most. Having been endorsed by leading medical researchers, their platform offers several clinical trial solutions that help research teams, pharmaceutical companies and other medical organisations complete their research and studies faster.


  1. HealthUnlocked: In simple terms, HealthUnlocked is the social network for health. With over 500 communities online, HealthUnlocked helps its users find the right network or community that suits their needs. Whether users are keen to engage with others within specific health topics such as drugcare, chronic conditions or wellness, HealthUnlocked inspires people to connect with others who may be looking to discuss and share their own personal experiences through peer-to-peer support networks.


  1. AliveCor: AliveCor developed the first smartphone-connected electrocardiogram, or EKG, called Kardia, which detects abnormal heart rhythms on a phone in much the same way that an EKG in a hospital records the electrical activity of the heart. What this means is that patients can check their heart health regularly and find out within 30 seconds whether their results are normal or they should seek medical attention.


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