Our countdown continues as we explore the world of TravelTech in position number 8. For most of us, we’ve become accustomed to phenomenons like AirBnB, Tesla (yes, we know they could be classified as Automotive as well) and Lyft. So, we pay homage to 7 disruptively different #traveltech companies who are revolutionising the way we travel and explore.


  1. CityStasher: Ever found yourself with a whole lot of baggage and no where to store it? CityStasher gives you the opportunity to find local bag storage companies in most major cities. They may be local shops, or hotels with extra space – but all locations are trusted, vetted, safe areas for you to leave excess baggage. Simply log onto their platform, find a location that suits you, book your space, drop your bags and you’re ready to go.


  1. Stratajet: Stratajet has transformed the private travel experience. Started out of a frustration associated with archaic and inefficient state of the modern private jet business, Stratajet made the world of private jet travel more accessible. Stratajet does not require any type of membership fee, and presents a range of up to 50 aircraft options for the traveler, and what’s more – prices are comparable to standard business class costs.


  1. LuckyTrip: When you have the budget, and you want to travel, but you don’t have the time to search through pages and pages of options – LuckyTrip may be the platform that could help. Basically – you enter your travel budget and hit Go. Whether you’re looking for a destination, or a hotel room, LuckyTrip makes it possible to search through hundreds of options for you, and find something that suits your budget. And if you simply are on the hunt for an activity to entertain you, well, they have that too. Available as an app for IOS only at the moment, these guys are definitely one to watch.


  1. Motivate: Motivate is a global provider of bicycle sharing. Partnering with governments and brands in cities all over the world, Motivate works in the B2B space to develop new transport options for travelers. Similar to our own “Boris-Bikes” in London, this US-based company works with institutions to plan, launch and operate bike-sharing services as part of a city’s transportation network.


  1. Kompas: This app is designed to serve as the tourist’s pocket guide to the city. Using artificial intelligence, Kompas creates tailored travel recommendations. Their aim is to help you explore hidden places in your, or any other, city. The app captures your interests and tastes and builds a profile based on what you may enjoy seeing. They also try to stay away from mainstream tourist attractions – but rather, through their dynamic platform, use machine-learning and cognitive algorithms to target suggestions based on what you’ll actually enjoy.


  1. Medigo: The search for specialist healthcare abroad is available at the end of your fingertips. Medigo is a traveltech platform that enables its users to search for dentistry, cosmetic surgery, reproductive medicine, hair & skin care, weight loss, orthopedics and other medical services, almost anywhere in the world. Using internationally-accredited hospitals, Medigo offers healthcare for every budget – making destination healthcare fully-accessible to almost anyone.


  1. Touriocity: Tailor-made private tours with real locals means you get to see some of the world’s best cities from an insider’s perspective. Touriocity’s mission is to help their customers move away from standardised mass-market tourism towards truly experiential travel. Customers simply state where they’re aiming to travel to, through the Touriocity platform, and then they match you to the best local guide. Their concierge service also works with you to tailor your trip from start to finish.

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