As we continue our countdown journey, we now look at the most influential, technologically-inspiring, businesses changing the FinTech marketplace today.  In this article, we review 10 FinTech businesses who are changing the marketplace for the better through innovation, technological know-how, and an attitude that change is not something to be scared of, but rather embedded in their organisational culture.


  1. YoYo Wallet: Yoyo is the fastest growing mobile wallet in Europe. Yoyo gives their consumers easy access to secure mobile payments, automated loyalty and digital receipt collection. But it does more than that, it also provides personalised offers based on your purchase behaviour, blending technological innovation traditional shopping habits to create a better, more efficient consumer experience. Yoyo is used across most high streets, Universities and corporate locations.


  1. Aire: When it comes to understanding your true credit score, Aire makes it completely possible, and easy. Their mission is to democratise credit scores, and they do that by allowing users to build their own credit profiles, by submitting data helps them to prove their own credit case. Using a highly-specialist platform and combining that with machine-learning technology, Aire has created a service that allows businesses to access a new, financially capable population.


  1. iZettle: iZettle creates and provides the tools you need to accept card payments and grow your business. Providing point-of-sale software that allows businesses and traders to sell smarter, get paid quicker, and grow their own business, iZettle’s platform makes it possible for anyone, regardless of location or demographic, to do business quicker. No setup fees, and completely transparent pricing structures, iZettle’s solution is perfectly matched to the new business or the more established business who is looking to take their product to new markets, without the hefty connectivity and investment costs.


  1. OneScan: Ensygnia’s OneScan solution sits at the heart of interaction – and this app is designed to make consumers’ digital lives easier by changing a call-to-action into an action in seconds. Giving consumers the opportunity to do a huge variety of things – from registering or transferring information, entering a competition, completing a survey, proving your identity online, making a payment or buying a product, this app enables it all. With OneScan, you transact across the entire OmniChannel – no need to fill out forms, and remember passwords. OneScan does it all for you, safely, and securely.


  1. Zopa: Zopa is a UK online personal finance peer-to-peer lending company. “Zopa is the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending, which uses the internet to cut out the banks entirely. It matches savers with individuals who want to borrow, leaving out the bank and offering better rates all round,” says The Guardian. Whether you, as a consumer, are looking to buy a car, or a house, or you merely want to make some improvements to your home, Zopa has a loan option for almost any opportunity. Focussed on providing ethical financial support through a Peer-to-Peer platform, Zopa provides benefit to both those who are looking to borrow, as well as those who are looking to invest.


  1. WorldRemit: In a world where our borders are becoming almost invisible, where living in a new country tomorrow is as easy as finding a local fish & chips shop, most will appreciate the challenges experienced when trying to transfer money abroad. WorldRemit now makes it possible for you to safely, and securely, transfer money to friends and family, online. With guaranteed exchange rates and low fees, WorldRemit’s platform is licensed by government regulators around the world which means that your money is protected and your transfer, compliant. Whether you want to send money straight to another bank account abroad, need to collect cash from a pick-up point, transfer money to mobile money accounts or simply top-up mobile airtime, WorldRemit has taken the traditional headaches with international money transfer and made it completely accessible, and easy.


  1. Currency Cloud: Currency Cloud has created a global payments platform that makes it possible for businesses to move money and payments globally, easily. They provide an easy-to-integrate payments platform that suits the way their clients (businesses who want to trade and accept payments from anywhere in the world) do business. They are re-imagining the way money flows through the digital economy. Their client base includes organisations like Travelex, Standard Bank and the de Vere Group.


  1. DueDil: DueDil helps companies find opportunities and mitigate risks, by providing the richest source of private company information on over 40 million companies. Providing insight on companies, and the people who run them, DueDil helps their clients identify ideal prospects, segment any market, automate client onboarding processes by streamlining contact verification and then helps you monitor and proactively assess your suppliers, customers and prospects by keeping you alerted to any information that may provide risk to your organisation.


  1. GoCardless: With GoCardless, life becomes efficient. GoCardless enable organisations to take recurring payments however, and whenever, they want to. For many organisations who offer contractual services, they often come unstuck when hoping to store customer credit card details. GoCardless, however, takes the hassle out of that for them. GoCardless process direct debit payments for BACS, SEPA and Autogiro through a single integration. They are creating a new international payments network to rival credit and debit cards and their ambition is to break down barriers to enable businesses to quickly and easily take payments from anywhere in the world.


  1. Adyen: Adyen provides a single solution globally to accept payments and grow revenue online, on mobile, and at the point of sale. A global payment provider and serving companies like Uber, Netflix, Etsy, Spotify and EasyJet, Adyen accepts every payement, on one single platform. Using Adyen’s platform, you are given the opportunity to expand quickly, manage risk and track results – from a single point of contact in a safe and secure platform, and by doing so, give your clients a simple, consistent buying experience.


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