CFPro Ventures bridges the gap  between businesses seeking growth opportunities, and the investment community, through providing business support and infrastructure that enables exponential business growth. 
CFPro Ventures was started by Hardy Giesler, who has worked in senior roles in industry for more than 30 years. We are supported by a Partner Network, a team of more than 75 people representing the functional skills and extensive experience required to provide first class support. Between us we have more than 1,500 years of experience. And to ensure we work as effective teams, we have only selected people we know and trust.
Our role is to provide the support and business infrastructure to deliver exponential growth, while you focus on your product / service offering, clients, markets and competitors.

Operationally sound. Operationally able. Strategically important.

Critically, we also have extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the process of engaging with the City, the options to consider and the preparation required to be successful. Our team has led businesses through challenging times, and we understand what it takes to implement strategy that delivers growth for the long-term. We are focussed on bridging the gap between businesses and individuals who are looking to grow, and growth opportunities that suit them best.


CFPro Ventures: Hardy Giesler

Hardy Giesler

Hardy is an experienced executive with a track record in delivering accelerated growth and performance transformation. Results have been achieved across a broad base of sectors and industries, having worked in public and private sectors, manufacturing and service industries. He has over 25 years of experience gained in more than 30 countries, particularly in EMEA, North America, Far East and the FSU.    READ MORE