Hardy Giesler, co-founder of CFPro Ventures was proud to attend another Startup Leadership Program’s Investor Evening in London last night. The Startup Leadership Program is “a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become top startup CEOs. SLP Fellows have founded nearly 1600 successful startups & raised more than $500M in funding.”

With approximately 10 exciting entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to an audience of 30 – 40 business people, it was encouraging to note just how far so many of them had come, since we initially got to know about their businesses just a few months ago, when we were selected as judge and mentor to serve on the panel of experienced business leaders to offer advice and strategic insight to help grow up and coming businesses.

Just a few of the businesses we got to meet that are already displaying good signs of growth in their markets included:

Mama Codes: They are transforming digital literacy for children. They “offer online learn-to-code projects, run kids’ code clubs and holiday workshops, supply lesson-ready materials to schools and pre-schools and run “parent hacks”… a relaxed and sociable way to get to grips with the coding curriculum and learn fun ways to support your child’s learning and enjoy healthier screen-time as a family.”

Sagely: A Fintech company led by Johann Borman. This startup seeks to provide financial advice using a subscription model.

ReachX – A startup that is exploring the realm of alternative investment research

We are constantly inspired by new entrepreneurs who are driven towards innovation and challenging the status quo, and are proud to be part of events like the Startup Leadership Program.