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What is Corporate Venturing: The history to help you get started

What is Corporate Venturing? Corporate venturing, also known as corporate venture capital, is the practice of directly investing corporate funds into external start-up or early stage companies. This is usually done by large companies who wish to invest in new, innovative revenue streams, by taking equity stakes. The investing company may also provide other support, such as management and marketing expertise, strategic direction, and/or a line of credit.   Is Corporate Venturing something new? Corporate Venturing is not new. It is generally accepted that Pierre S. Du Pont, then president of chemical and plastics manufacturer DuPont, started it in 1914. [...]

2018-09-05T14:50:59+01:00September 5th, 2018|Corporate Venturing, News|Comments Off on What is Corporate Venturing: The history to help you get started

The A-Z of the High-Growth Business World

We understand that the business world, and the speed at which it grows, can be daunting for many who find themselves in it. So, to help you get to grips with what it all means, we’ve put together a glossary of common business growth terminology to help get you up to speed on what it all means.   Add-on Offering When a PLC offers additional shares to the public.   Broker Individuals or firms who trade securities. Usually trading between buyers and sellers for a fee or commission as they do not own securities. See ‘Selection of an IPO Team‘.   Capitalisation [...]

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Why CFPro Ventures

Our business was started because of 1 thing – the desire to deliver exponential growth to businesses with potential, and to provide support and business infrastructure, freeing you up to get on and focus on your product and service offering, your clients, your market and your competitors. CFPro Ventures, offers all its clients industry experience of over 30 years. Supported by a Partner Network of over 50 individuals who represent the functional skills required to provide world-class support. Between the entire team, CFPro Ventures offers over 1,500 years of business experience who understand the challenges faced by growing businesses today [...]

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5 things to look for when searching for the Right Business Support

We live in a world where business support is available at the click of a button. In fact, it doesn’t take much to become overwhelmed by just how much “business support” is out there through investment opportunities, growth strategists, infrastructure experts. So before you become completely overwhelmed by knowing where to look, we’ve put together 5 suggestions to look for, when searching for the right business support.  1. Look for history & accreditation There comes a point, when spoken words only go so far, and proof starts to take over. So, when on the hunt for business support – finding [...]

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7 tips to preparing for a successful merger

We know that the M&A process can sometimes be a daunting process for those who have never attempted it. But luckily for you, we are seasoned experts who throughout our careers, have helped many businesses successful manoeuvre and succeed through the merger and acquisition phase.  If you are preparing your business for something similar, we’ve put together 6 tips on how to help yours be a complete success.   Be clear on what goals and motivations for the sale Setting yourself a clear set of goals before undertaking any type of corporate change, you put yourself in a better position to [...]

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