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The real truth behind Innovation within UK business

One could probably rebuild an entire life-size replica of Stonehenge using all the scholarly articles and books on Leadership and Management styles, 7-fold over - and we are not about to repeat what many knowledgeable, insightful business scholars have said before. However, in an evolving world - where innovation, collaboration and sustainability is a topic so familiar and as common as the salt in our grinders, the milk in our coffee and the water in our kettles, we still we see organisations battling not with understanding what needs to be done, but rather identifying the way, for them, to get [...]

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Why the UK Tech industry is poised for growth, and why foreign investors want a piece of the (tech) pie.

Our sister company, CFPro, today published the results of a Deloitte Survey of UK CFOs discussing their concerns, areas of focus and how they intend to prepare for continuing economic instability. Although the consensus is that UK CFOs are concerned about the long-term effects of Brexit, in the short-term, they're focussing on managing the growing level of skills shortages and managing cash flow within their organisations while at the same time, keeping an eye on innovations that continue to drive their business towards growth. On the home front, businesses push forward to sustain their bottom line through a period of [...]

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Are you happy to be just another statistic?

The news broke this week of yet another retail giant being exposed to ceaseless cyber-attacks resulting in 10m of their customers' personal data being compromised. According to the news story, "Dixons Carphone has admitted a huge data breach involving 5.9 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal data records." - BBC, 31 July 2018. What's probably worse is the fact that this hacking attempt started in July 2017 - one year ago. It still astounds us how so many organisations are ill-prepared for the digital war going on under our very noses. And yet, even larger organisations, who may appear [...]

2018-08-01T16:04:57+00:00August 1st, 2018|News, SME Growth|Comments Off on Are you happy to be just another statistic?

When the retirement of someone else seeds your growth advantage.

In the town where the talk is mostly startup,  lies a huge chasm of opportunity for almost-instantaneous business growth in entrepreneurs preparing for exit and/or retirement. These are the people who have spent most of their lives building and growing their businesses through the aches and pains of the startup and seed phases, and who have enjoyed solid, prosperous rewards. They may not have become a Google or an Amazon, but they've certainly generated a solid revenue stream, they have built up a stable customer base, their company culture has evolved and stabilised into what they wanted it to be, [...]

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When business growth is about so much more than just investment

We are growth specialists. Which means, we, together with our network of highly-experienced individuals, specialise in helping business grow. And although you wouldn't be alone in thinking that the biggest driver of growth was funding from outside, there is a lot more that businesses are doing to influence their own growth - quite often, without a capital boost from an investor or a corporate venture - but rather, through making some critical changes internally. So, including investment, here are a selection of the ways that we help businesses grow. Growth through: Assessing how ready you are A huge part of [...]

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2019 Business Growth Survey: The Results

In a recent survey launched by our team, to understand more about how SMEs are gearing up for growth in 2019, we surveyed business owners and asked them about what they felt most confident about, where they felt they should be paying attention within their business, and what they thought 2019 held for them. The initial results of the survey speak for themselves - there are a number of business owners out there, and you may be one of them, who are optimistic about growth, who are ready to grow, who probably have the right products and services to grow, [...]

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Gearing up for growth in 2019: Take our short survey

We're into the second half of 2018 - and while we continue to keep our attention on closing 2018 where we planned, many of us are looking ahead towards 2019 - and aligning ourselves towards business growth and productivity. Take our 5 question survey and share your thoughts on where you think your business is, and how prepared you feel for 2019. Create your own user feedback survey

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CFPro Ventures becomes a member of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce

CFPro Ventures is proud to have joined the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. Being part of our local business community is as important to us as the work we do for customers further afield, and joining forces with the Chamber means that we are engaged and give back to the initiatives that make our local community great. Why a Chamber of Commerce? Chambers of Commerce have a very important role to play. They represent the business community and act as the eyes, ears and voice of the community to an audience which may include the Government, Media and other Organisations through [...]

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3 business turnaround examples you’ve forgotten about

Business turnaround is all around us. The need for it, we mean.  The amount of businesses in distress far outweighs those demonstrating dramatic u-turns successfully. But turnaround does exist. And where any business in distress is looking for that 1 magic trick that will shift the downward trajectory back towards profit, for most successful turnaround stories - it was based on finding the right person, with the right amount of experience and courage, to try something that had never been done before. We share 3 stories of businesses who were on the brink of collapse - but through a lot [...]

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The secrets to growing fast, and dying slowly.

"Software and online-services companies can quickly become billion-dollar giants, but the recipe for sustained growth remains elusive." - so says an article published by McKinsey in 2014, and after 4 years, very little has changed. Where in the UK the Tech industry is leading the pack in terms of the number of high-growth businesses forging ahead, the US proportion of high-growth lies within the non-tech fields like retail, construction and government services. And regardless of industry type or positioning, there are several similar traits that exist for high-growth businesses who have lasted, and outlasted their counterparts. Sustaining growth is hard work. [...]

2018-06-28T09:16:58+00:00June 28th, 2018|News, SME Growth|Comments Off on The secrets to growing fast, and dying slowly.
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