It’s usually at this time of year, when a new year looms and the prospect of a holiday is the only thing that seems to keep one going. 2018, although only 11 days away, feels like eons away and your New Year To Do list is something that is on your First Day Back In The Office List.

In a recent blog, we discussed the prospect of being an entrepreneur and the loneliness that very often accompanies. And so, in this blog, we want to arm you with important tips, tools, cheats and advice on getting your mind focused on Possibility.

  • The Possibility to Succeed
  • The Possibility to Grow
  • The Possibility to Lead

(All of which, we may add, fall well within reach of your end-of-year doldrums and confidence-waning power down.)

Staying confident when the odds are stacked against you is probably one of the biggest challenges you’ll face, as an entrepreneur, business leader, executive. Whether you sit on a board of an established business, or whether you’ve successfully led your startup through it’s first year of business, lack of confidence is a dish served to most of us, and very often, more regularly than we care to admit.


Staying Confident means: Taking an honest look at yourself

Johnny Unitas said, “There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done.” – and unfortunately very often, we mistake one for the other. Your first steps towards confidence comes when you look at yourself. Your confidence will be rooted in reality – and to grow that means you self-assess your weaknesses and your strengths. Once you understand your weaknesses, that’s when you start to build, and trust, a team that complements your skill – empowering you, as a team, to become bulletproof in the face of adversity.


Staying Confident means: Understanding boundaries

Saying No can be one of the most enlightening phrases you could ever adopt. But too much adoption closes you off to opportunity too. Knowing how much you can, or cannot, commit to means that you are closer to understanding your own ability to deliver against your commitments. An oversized to-do list, with a list of items that require skill and expertise beyond your capacity is enough to break any camel’s back.


Staying Confident means: Surrounding Yourself with Skill

Once you know your true capability, your focus should be on surrounding yourself and developing a team that brings new capability to what you offer as a complementary leadership unit. Whether you seek out successful people in the field, or you take another look at functional areas within your business that could do with a refresh, finding the right skill means that although you may not personally have the ability to deliver everything – you, as a team, are strong – because together, you become a well-oiled force for good.


Staying Confident means: Reminding Yourself

Yes, we know that your business vision should be future-focussed – always. But, there is a healthy approach to looking back, every so often – as long as it doesn’t derail the plans you have made to move forward. Reminding yourself of what you’ve done, where you’ve come from, the challenges you’ve faced and overcome, the hurdles that did trip you up – but the lessons that you learnt as a result, are all solid ways to gain perspective on how much you have learnt and how capable you are to take on new challenges with an enriched, more experienced aptitude. Without becoming too psychosomatic, a healthy vision is strongly related to a healthy state of mind – and when the butterflies become too much to handle, sometimes it means you just need to pause, and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

And as you start to pack 2017 away, remember that 2018, although accompanied by major economic uncertainty and business challenge, also brings new growth, new opportunity and change – which, when approached with confidence and resolution, can only result in gain.

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