Focus on Friday: EVRYTHNG

“We’re called EVRYTHNG because we believe that every physical thing around us is coming to life digitally in some shape or form” – and that’s what caught our attention. In this week’s Focus on Friday feature, we explore a business who is taking the Internet of Things phenomenon and transforming the lives of businesses daily through helping them to assign digital identity and manage their data effectively through connecting consumer products to the Web and managing real-time data to drive applications throughout the product lifecycle.   Here’s what they say: “EVRYTHNG collects, manages and applies real-time data from smart products [...]

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Focus on Friday: LoopMe

This week, we touched on the tectonic shifts within the Technology industry, amongst others, towards AI, IoT, Robotics and more. So, what better way to highlight exactly how that’s happening but through our regular Focus on Friday feature. And this week, we look at a company that specialises in brand advertising through the use of data and artificial intelligence. That company is called LoopMe. What they say: “LoopMe is the largest mobile-first video advertising platform, uniquely using mobile data and AI to measurably improve results and outcomes for marketers, and the brand experience for customers. We make it easy for [...]

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Focus on Friday: Fastbrick Robotics

When companies are inventing ways to make things better and quicker -  that's progress. And in a world where innovation is the new blood that drives our economy, companies like this next one are pushing the limit and transforming their industries in ways that most people probably never imagined. Introducing: Fastbrick Robotics Imagine a world where construction becomes a 24/7 delivering activity - where building blocks are set out quicker than it takes to cook a Shepherd's Pie and where buildings are erected, literally, overnight - and all through robotics. In this Focus on Friday feature, we look at Fastbrick [...]

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Focus on Friday: Airportr

In our recent #TechTrends blog cycle, we covered a variety of businesses disrupting their traditional marketplaces through embracing technology to deliver better, faster, simpler. And the world of #TravelTech is no different. And this week, our Focus on Friday feature is proud to focus on an airline, technology and transportation solutions provider called AirPortr.  AirPortr provide integrated technology and transport solutions to airlines to transform the experience of heading to, through and from an airport. In the quest to deliver an integrated customer experience, AirPortr developed a product that brings the ease of the Bag Drop right to your front [...]

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Focus on Friday: Onfido

The digital world is all around us. We shop, communicate, travel, research, track, compare and eat – all from our mobile devices. But in an age that is fraught with identity fraud, just how safe is digital security really?  What used to be a blue-moon occasion is quickly becoming yesterday’s news as data gets leaked, lost or stolen, and bank accounts are hacked or duplicated. The quest for identity verification is becoming the number one list on the CyberSecurity agenda – and it starts with us as individuals.  But as an organisation, that goes one step further. Just how sure [...]

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Focus on Friday: Perkbox

You'd no doubt have seen little adverts pop up on your browsing activity and on TV about a little business doing some big things. We're talking about Perkbox - a company whose mission it is to create happy, engaged workforces. Using the latest technology, their platform help businesses attract, engage and retain employees. Featured as one of Forbes' 10 best UK startups and one of 25 industry disruptors by LinkedIn, Perkbox is designed to enhance the financial, emotional and physical well-being of employees with access to perks and benefits like free mobile-phone insurance, shopping discounts, exclusive access to events and [...]

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Focus on Friday: Squirrel

In the spirit of our recent Tech Trends blog series, we came across a 3-year old startup called Squirrel - a London-based FinTech business helping customers make intelligent financial decisions, and helping them save and live, at the same time. Featured as one of City a.m's Leap 100 - a list of 100 of the most fast growing and exiting businesses in the UK at the moment, Squirrel "provides the UK's #1 solution for saving and managing money. It combines a bank account and app that empowers people to set a plan for their finances and more importantly, stick to [...]

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Focus on Friday: GrowUP Urban Farms

You may  have recently seen our posts on social media talking about the fortunate opportunity to meet the co-founder of GrowUp Urban Farms, Kate Hofman. Attending the Asian Young Entrepreneur Club event in Mayfair, Kate presented an introduction into GrowUp Farms, following their passion to build sustainable commercial urban farms growing food for local markets.  So impressed were we by this innovative approach to urban farming, agritech and can-do know-how, we have decided to feature GrowUp Urban Farms in this week's Focus on Friday feature.   What they say:  "GrowUp Urban Farms is committed to feeding people in cities in [...]

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Focus on Friday: appScatter

In our weekly Focus on Friday blog post,  we look at companies and developments doing some pretty cool things. In this edition, we take a look at appScatter - a mobile strategy platform that gives you the opportunity to manage and monitor hundreds of app stores through one central platform.   Here’s what they say: "The appScatter platform is a fully agile system. It has been designed to allow you to use your preferred connectors and add-ons to give seamless integration. Choose from hundreds of add-ons in the appScatter Market Place. If you do not find what you need, we [...]

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Focus on Friday: Turtle Pack

Last week, we introduced a new feature on our blog. Because Innovation is hugely important to us, and to our clients – we thought we’d give something back on a Friday by honouring those businesses and individuals who are doing extraordinary things. And this week, we’d like to pay homage to a young entrepreneur who is changing the way people swim – and potentially saving lives.   We are proud to feature Turtle Pack     About Turtle Pack: Here’s what they say: “Turtle Pack is a flotation device designed to help children learn to swim effectively. As the child’s [...]

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