The UK SME: Carrying the country through Change

Today is another big day in the UK's Brexit challenge. The 29th of March inches closer as the country aims to decide it's future. MPs will vote later today on Theresa May's Withdraw Bill. And while Westminster aims to garner clarification, the UK business community tries to focus on what their own growth futures may look like. 2 Years of preparation and planning now kick into play as businesses start to place their faith in their growth strategies as they continue to steer their ships through the next few months. And while Brexit happens, 2019 also brings a host of [...]

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Embracing Digitisation: Your choice to make? Maybe not.

The choice to become Digital may not be yours to make for much longer. It's all over the news. The UK's NHS has just released their 'Long-Term Plan' and, as can be expected, has been making headlines for the past week. In fact, 2019 holds a lot in store for the UK amidst Brexit, changes in regulations in March / April this year, the increase of the national minimum wage. It stands to reason that business owners are increasingly cautious about what their business will look like at the end of this year. But one thing's for certain - there [...]

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What Disney teaches us about Channel Innovation.

What do Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America and Starbucks have in common? They have all developed their customer experience into some of the world's best omni-channel experiences to date.  But they certainly have not always been known for their omni-present, all-round, fluid customer experiences. Before the global Disney brand that we know and have grown up with, today - there was a man who had a dream. He'd grown up poor. He'd mortgaged his house to be able to pay for his first feature film. His first studio went bankrupt. But he knew what made people happy - and [...]

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Do. Did. Done. When Process Innovation leads to business growth.

The news is littered with stories of businesses who seem to be throwing caution to the wind in the aim to try and do better - at all costs. They're making things better.  They’re selling things better. They’re creating things better. Helping companies reach their operational best is something we love to do. We’ve done it for many years and many of our clients have seen huge results in their bottom line. Customer habits are changing which means businesses need to be too. No longer can they rely on the safe, the easy, the stuff that works. We are being [...]

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Your Top 10: Profit Model Innovation

We've been talking about Innovation. Quite a lot, actually. But not in the sense that you've become used to seeing. Yes, the latest and greatest gadgets and tech are pretty awesome, but we're talking about innovation of a completely different kind. Deloitte recently published an article talking about innovation and we summarised the top 10 types of innovation that organisations look at today. So, over the next few weeks we will be splitting that up and going into a little bit more detail about what each type of innovation really means for UK business. Sometimes innovation starts with the smallest [...]

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Your perfect Ten: 10 types of innovation explained

The oil and gas industry is pivoting. Where other industries have been forging ahead, the oil and gas sector has been lagging behind through outdated technology and methodologies. But there's a pressure on them to perform better. A global push for a reduced environmental impact coupled with the rise of new technologies is causing a shift in the industry. In fact, Deloitte takes it a step further by explaining that the reason for the success being seen in the sector today is purely down to a willingness to solve complex challenges. But as with any organisation who has made a [...]

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3 Big Disruptors of the Construction Industry

Construction, Infrastructure, Mining - all industries that have traditionally been synonymous with antiquated process and innate conservatism. But disrupt them with tech? 'Highly unlikely', we hear you say. But you'd be wrong. In a study conducted by KPMG in 2016, the writing was on the wall when it comes to adopting new technology to improve productivity, efficiency, quality. Just the same as many other industries that have actively embraced technological develop, innovation within the construction world is becoming a hot potato - and we share 5 of our favourite innovators who are throwing the towel in when it comes to [...]

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Self-inflicted distractions that cost your business (and the economy) billions.

We are being shaken up. Officially. Just recently, we published this blog about an initiative being implemented by the UK's HMRC towards a more digitised way to reduce tax error and capital loss in the UK's business community. And yet, there are still businesses who are on a trajectory for failure, simply because they're not optimising the way they run their businesses. Here's the reality:  Avoidable tax errors cost the Exchequer almost £9 billion every year Productivity loss associated with ill-health is costing the UK economy £77 billion a year. Unproductive workforces are costing British businesses a total of £22 [...]

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Tick Tock: A surprising amount of work still to be done for SME Digitisation

The UK SME community still has a lot of digitisation work to do. And this time, the decision is being made for us. The way we submit our Tax and VAT returns in the UK is changing. As of 1 April 2019, maintaining and keeping paper records of financial transactions within businesses will no longer meet the legal requirements, which means that switching to digital record-keeping moves from being a "here's how to run your businesses efficiently" conversation to one which reads, "here's why you risk financial penalty if you don't".  The UK's HMRC has introduced the Making Tax Digital [...]

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Trust in Takeovers: Putting the best foot forward past M&A

Merging anything can be complicated. And when the remit prompted by shareholders is to grow a business globally through a merger of equals, things can become especially sticky. For many, the Merger & Acquisition process fails because too much emphasis is put on the business, and the process of becoming one, that the human element (and the mammoth task of unifying cultures, leadership skill-sets, process) is completely overlooked. Defences build up, communication breaks down, the ink has hardly dried - and there's complete fall-out. In this blog, we look at a few things to think about when approaching any kind [...]

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