cfpc Accelerator: How it works

As a high-growth business, you’re looking for your next step up. You may require a funding boost to launch your next series of products, or simply be ready to scale up – and need to secure new resource, and quickly.  We get that.  Which is why we recently launched the cfpc Accelerator: a new joint venture providing opportunity for high-growth businesses to raise critical development capital quicker and with more certainty.

Together with Partner Capital, we combine expertise and networks in the investment community and industry, giving cfpc Acclerator clients the benefit of a comprehensive, all-encompassing support system that underpins their high growth ambitions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Initial Assessment:  We conduct an initial assessment of your business to see whether the cfpc Accelerator is the right product for you. We do this through desk research and an initial skype call discussion with you. Getting funding is more about simply applying and hoping for the best. It’s tailor-making a business case that will gaurantee successful investment quicker, and certainly.  So, it’s important for you as well as us, to ensure that the cfpc Accelerator will drive the success you’re after, and put you in the running for your next step up.  This initial assessment is done free of charge.


  • Face-to-face meeting: Once the initial assessment has been concluded, and we’re both agreed to pursue the cfpc Accelerator funding route, then we arrange to meet up with you in person. This meeting usually lasts for around half a day, and also includes a more detailed audit of your readiness for funding. Both CFPro Ventures as well as Partner Capital bring a network of investors who are ready to fund – and because we know what they are looking for, we need to ensure that you are absolutely ready and guaranteed to get the funding you need, when you need it.


  • Improvement report: Once we’ve established a suitable funding plan for your business, and one that suits our investment approach too, we will engage with you for a closer look at your business as a whole – this may include how you run operationally, your financial reporting structures, your overall business strategy, your long-term plan, and your plans on how you intend to grow and develop your marketshare. Typically taking about a week’s worth of work, we will generate a report with a specific action plan for you to implement should there be any improvements required prior to funding – that will help you to stand an even better chance at investment success.


  • Execution of Improvements: We don’t leave you to just get on with things. At this stage, we work closely with you to implement and execute the suggested improvements. We help you prepare your funding pitch (the most daunting, but exciting of the entire process) and more. Your success, is our success and we want to see you win. The best part is – we bring years and years of operational and strategic know-how – so rest assured that our expertise will help you get your business to exactly where it needs to be – ready for true acceleration.


It couldn’t be simpler. There’s nothing more exciting (and scary) than building your plane – and sometimes, you need to do that mid-flight.  Most businesses go through that. But there’s one thing that cfpc Accelerator clients get – and that’s a huge team of expertise, years and years of experience and industry know-how and a support structure that simply wants to see your success. 

You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.  So get in touch with us today to find out more about the cfpc Accelerator


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