Partner Capital and CFPro Ventures are pleased to announce the joint venture, the cfpc Accelerator. Combining their expertise and networks in the investment community and industry, clients will benefit from a comprehensive, all-encompassing support to underpin their high growth ambitions.


  • We help high-growth UK companies and their intermediaries raise critical development capital quicker and with more certainty.
  • We help them become more investable by drawing on a unique combination of talents and proprietary networks.
  • We can selectively invest alongside our advisory work to help a client bridge the gap between where they are now and where we advise they need to be in order to successfully raise next-stage capital.


  • Accelerator was formed to help companies overcome the typical ‘funding readiness’ gaps;
  • Financial, reporting and forecasting are still undeveloped for institutional funding and need more work;
  • Operational processes, critical to convincing investors that the company can scale up, are not sufficiently robust or well-articulated;
  • Market place and product assessment need more research and expert validation.


  • Accelerator overcomes these by combining the skills sets into a unique offering:
  • Highly experienced experts in financial and corporate reporting;
  • Exceptional operational process design and delivery expertise;
  • Direct experience in high-growth advisory and investment;
  • A unique network of business leaders, whose support and validation of your company’s potential will be taken positively by the end customers.


  • Post start-up phase, you have at least £2m sales and growth is looking promising;
  • A top line growth to at least £10m in three years and £25m in six;
  • A need for debt or equity funding within 6 – 12 months which you can’t or don’t wish to raise from existing shareholders
  • Professional review and advice on shareholder agreements; tax filings, loan documentation, corporate reporting; tracking of your true costs and costs of sales/margin; budgeting & forecasting.
  • Your scaling-up plans may not withstand expert scrutiny in any of the following areas; enhanced production and sales processes; clear new management responsibility, reporting lines and KPIs to support their delivery; robust customer and supplier contractual agreements; staff hiring and talent management plans; IP strategy management plan;
  • You know your product is superior to existing incumbents; you are frustrated that recognition of this in end-customers is too slow and you need access to them at top management level

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Partner Capital offers an extensive collection of services to support high growth enterprises. Strategy International is the leading private board and C-level strategic business network in the U.K. Collectively, their members employ over 1.5 million people. After 23 years it offers one of the most powerful networks available in UK industry.

Their Strategic Corporate Advisory practise specialises in assisting non-UK companies locate, engage with and successfully transact with UK companies. As such they have an extensive international network of companies wishing to partner with UK enterprises, be it in joint ventures, as strategic partners or as investors.

As investors in technology companies with strong IP, global potential and the prospect of delivering high returns, Partner Capital has first-hand experience of high growth enterprises. They have assembled groups of investors who take a strategic stake and also bring outstanding networks and skills that can materially assist the successful growth of their investee companies. Their networks include high net worth and suitable institutional investors.


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CFPro Ventures is an experienced team of industry experts who have a strong track record in interacting with financial institutions, be this during management buyouts, acquisitions, mergers, IPO’s or other forms of third party funding. They speak the language of both industry and the investor community, and support enterprises wishing to secure growth funding. CFPro Ventures prepares the client for the process of approaching investors, as there is only one opportunity to make a great first impression. They work with partners and an extensive network to secure the right investment, after which they continue their support until a successful exit is achieved.

Once funding has been secured, the enterprise leadership team will focus on their product / service offerings, clients, markets and competitors, while CFPro Ventures delivers a cost effective business infrastructure. Their Partner Network offers extensive knowledge and experience, helping enterprises and their leadership teams to meet and exceed growth expectations.


020 8948 4909