CFPro Ventures Founders gain FCA Approval

“Financial markets need to be honest, fair and effective so that consumers get a fair deal,” so says the Financial Conduct Authority. And they should know – they’re the organisation whose job it is to regulate over 56,000 businesses.  So, when your business, and the people within your business, is approved by an institute as important and relevant as the Financial Conduct Authority, it’s quite a big deal.

Which is why we are so incredibly proud to report that CFPro Venture Founders, Barbara Spurrier and Hardy Giesler, gained FCA approval as business advisors and financial service providers, because:

  • They meet the requirements of the FCA’s ‘fit and proper’ test and follow its principles
  • They comply with the Statements of Principle and Code of Practice of the FCA
  • They agree to report anything that could affect their ongoing suitability to the FCA

As part of the stringent FCA approval process, Barbara and Hardy were both found by the FCA to exhibit the traits they look for in approved candidates, which includes:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity and Reputation
  • Competence and capability; and
  • Financial Soundness.

Supporting the FCA’s mission to support and empower a healthy and successful financial system, where firms can thrive and consumers can place their trust in transparent and open markets, CFPro Ventures operational foundation echoes the sentiment of transparency and consistency in our own service delivery.

Working with an extended team of professionals who do what they say, and say what they do, our clients have the confidence in knowing that they have the right business support team on their side – a team that is focused on growing a successful strategy for our clients and delivering successful business results.

To get to know more about Hardy and Barbara, simply view their profiles.




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