In any battle, teaming up with the right ally is critical to overcoming the risk at hand. And in today’s society, one of the biggest threats to most businesses globally is cybercrime. CFPro Ventures is proud to have joined forces with the Global Cyber Alliance in an effort to address systemic cyber issues methodically, support our clients and partner network in managing their own cyber risk, and strengthen operational infrastructure to withstand even the smallest of potential cyber-attack.


The Global Cyber Alliance is focussed on one thing: to unite the global community to eradicate systemic cyber risk. An international, cross-sector effort, they are focussed on helping the global community implement concrete solutions that mitigate and then eradicate systemic cyber risks, as well as measure and transparently report on the effect of the Alliance’s efforts. Founded by a partnership of law enforcement and research organisations, the Global Cyber Alliance have launched a number of initiatives and products that enable organisations around the world to operate safely and securely. From their DMARC Email Authentication application through to their sophisticated Quad9 security solution that uses DNS to protect your system against the most common types of threats, both of which are free to access and use, means that as a business, you are so much more protected against potential, and often debilitating, risk.


CFPro Ventures believes in partnerships, and working with other businesses who are looking to help the business community grow and strengthen operationally, which is why we are proud to be working with the Global Cyber Alliance in the battle against cybercrime.


For more information about the Global Cyber Alliance, click here.