According to Nasdaq Stock Market, the two best performing sectors over the past year have been Healthcare, and Technology & Communications (with ETFs up 16% and 20% since last year), with Biogen Inc. and Micron Technology being just two amongst many high-flyers. In addition to the impressive performance of large corporations, small-and-medium-enterprises have also been growing, not only in quantity, but in quality of ideas, relevance, and impact. Since January, there have been over 150 fundraisings in the Healthcare sector, and investment has totalled a remarkable £318m – an average investment of £2.15m. This is certainly telling, especially given that the average investment in UK deals in 2017 is £2.2m – meaning that Healthcare only falls short of the national average for all sectors by 2.3%.


Healthcare revolution?

Andy Calchadora, UK & Ireland Business Development Director at Philips Home Monitoring, commented on the Future Health Index 2017 report which was commissioned by Philips. He spoke to DigitalHealth, saying:

Out of the 19 markets surveyed, the UK has a higher than average IT spend on internet of things across software, connectivity and services in healthcare [as a % of GDP]. So according to the data collected, the UK is investing more and uptake is responding to the access accordingly.

As well as healthcare professionals, members of the general population in the UK were surveyed for the report, and of the respondents, nearly three-quarters of healthcare professionals and the general population agree that connected care technology is important in improving the prevention of medical issues (73% and 72%, respectively). The message is crystal clear, and it seems to have been heard loud and clear by the industry, where the demand has been reflected by a record-breaking number of ventures aiming to either: develop new technologies, such as Creavo’s VitalScan (which uses new imaging technology to perform cardiac scans, and could save the NHS £200million p/a), or apply existing knowledge in a way that can benefit healthcare, such as snap40’s Wearable Vital Signs Monitor (which monitors heart rate, oxygen saturation, and other vitals, allowing patients who need constant care to be monitored in and outside the home). These examples are just two of hundreds of innovators in their field, and given our experience in bringing new ideas to market, we are confident that we can provide the right backing.


Great ideas but very little possibility

Making progress can seem impossible when you have life-changing, and in this case, potentially life-saving, ideas but a lack of access to specialists, especially ones who are on your side. Developments in healthcare are intangible without the right funding, which is vital for research and testing to take place at a pace fast enough to match the ever-moving industry. Often, investors engage in funding but take little active interest in the development of your business, and it can feel as though both parties are tugging opposite ends of the rope.

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