Today kicks off a stalwart event in the Innovations and Tech Industry. CFPro Ventures has been invited to take a seat on the judging panel at this year’s NCE Tech Fest – a Festival of Innovation that aims to showcase and celebrate the innovations and technologies that will drive the industry forward. Having already met some of the candidates taking part in today’s event, we have already been astounded at the high calibre of entrepreneurship and capability being displayed throughout.


Digital Improvement of Productivity

But there’s one thing that stands out from today’s event: most of what we’ve seen so far has been built on a digital platform that improves productivity in the infrastructure sector.  Continuous improvement is not only a school of thought, but, as is being demonstrated by the candidates who have been nominated for awards at this year’s Civil Engineer’s NCE Tech Fest, is becoming a the very core digital foundation upon which strategies are being built.

From Enable My Team, to Qualis Flow, to Costain’s RMAS tool to reduce carbon through tech, Ramboll’s dynamic masterplanning toolkit, it’s all about improving the way we work, and produce.


Why’s it taken so long?

With all this innovation from budding entrepreneurs who are eager to completely transform their markets, one has to ask the question why it has taken so long for the industry to embrace digital – especially where complex projects and collaborations have become the game of the day.  They’re not being held back – and the message is clear – if you don’t innovate, you’re going to be left in the dust – very quickly. And soon, your non-threat becomes your biggest disruptor, and unless you’re completely on-board and collaborating with these innovators, you’ll be yesterday’s news.

A sentiment that has been echoed in the key note speech at today’s event where Hamid Mughal, director of global manufacturing at Rolls Royce, discussed the biggest blockers to fostering innovation in the built environment being cultural. He questions whether organisations are prepared, and able to, adopt adopt behavioural changes and embrace technologies such as AI, automation, data and beyond.  In fact many of today’s activities will be structured around trying to unravel the culture change that is required by industry to adopt a more digital, tech-based foundation.


Our judging panel today

Because we believe in continuous improvement – productivity and profitability – we couldn’t be happier to be on the judging panel for the category Best Use of Technology: Productivity in Delivery today.  In this category, we’ll have the chance to hear from 2018 nominees, namely:

  • AECOM, Driving design efficiency through Machine Learning
  • BAM Ritchies, BAM Ritchies Ground Investigation
  • Costain, M1 Smart Motorways – Productionising Infrastructure Delivery
  • Costain, COSBi – A BIM Solution
  • DataScope System, DataTouch
  • Gaist Solutions, BridgeCat- a revolutionary mobile bridge inspection system
  • IAND, A digital platform for decentralised project teams
  • SenSat, UK Pathfinder UAV innovation
  • University of Cambridge, Automatic System for Generating Semantically Enriched Bridge Information Models of Existing Reinforced Concrete (RC) Bridges

Good luck to all the nominees! We’re looking forward to hearing more about your innovations.


CFPro Ventures has worked with business in the Tech space for many years – and we’re excited to be able to serve as a scout for individuals and organisations who are looking to invest in high-growth businesses who have a mindset geared for innovation and improvement. If you’d like to know more about how we help businesses grow, make sure you pop in to see Hardy, at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, or pop us an email here.