Yes, that pun was intentional. And we’d like to invite you to take a moment, and think on that for a second.  We invite you to consider your senior executive team, your board, your heads of department. Each individual fundamental to holding up the walls of your business, but each one with their own distinctive responsibility to add to the purpose of your organisation.

We’ve worked with leadership teams for many years. We’ve helped them change, we’ve helped them develop, and we’ve helped them exit, and what still surprises us to this day is how many businesses still underestimate the value required from a switched-on, agile, focussed leadership strategy and united team.  Very few managers are leaders. A manager is someone who simply has a set of reports. A leader is someone that people choose to follow.   So how many individuals on your leadership are actually overrated managers who are there to merely fill a gap?


Sitting Pretty

This is going to be controversial – so, brace yourself. We recognise that there are many instances where individuals on leadership teams have been appointed to fill a gap, to create an appearance, and to appear to grant influence to the organisation merely by their presence. But how many of these individuals truly add value to their role, and the organisation?   Whether they are non-executive directors, or chief of departments – the question is the same. What is the value that they, as individuals, contribute to your growth strategy?  When your bottom line is to generate shareholder return, the role of your executive leadership team becomes critically important – delivering value, showing result and leading their teams in the same values that you expect of them.


Exit, stage left

In an economy where it is said that in less than 5 years, more than half of the global sales force will be made up of millennials, we have to face the fact that our executive leadership teams will be looking for ways to progress their own careers – whether it be towards retirement or towards an independent consulting capacity. And when you, as a business leader, look at your leadership team’s “next step” – how confident are you that you know exactly what their long-term vision is – and whether their vision supports your organisation’s growth plan?  Have you attempted to have that conversation yet? If you, yourself, are looking to plan your own next step, leaving a legacy for your teams, your family, your organisation’s future, have you worked out what that looks like and how it will affect the future of your business?


How you plan to exit your business affects how you run your business. And if it’s time for a review on your exit strategy, or the effectiveness of your leadership team and the value it adds to the future of your business, then you’ve come to the right place. CFPro Ventures works with a team of individuals who are focussed on delivering transformational improvement and developing leadership teams to deliver value and focus that compliments the core of your organisational strategy.

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