In our recent #TechTrends blog cycle, we covered a variety of businesses disrupting their traditional marketplaces through embracing technology to deliver better, faster, simpler. And the world of #TravelTech is no different. And this week, our Focus on Friday feature is proud to focus on an airline, technology and transportation solutions provider called AirPortr.  AirPortr provide integrated technology and transport solutions to airlines to transform the experience of heading to, through and from an airport. In the quest to deliver an integrated customer experience, AirPortr developed a product that brings the ease of the Bag Drop right to your front door. Where the next step in travel meant the Online Check-In coupled to an onsite bag drop, AirPortr completely removes the need for any standing in queues by allowing travellers to have their bags checked-in from home.  Their digital platform connects passengers, airlines and transportation to turn baggage, into a service.


Here’s what they say: “Back in 2014 our founders came to a realisation. As frequent flyers they understood that getting your bags to and from the airport came with a little too much, well, baggage. They were tired of checking in cases. Of organising their days around luggage. And of arriving at the airport two hours early to queue. Travel agents had gone online. Boarding passes had moved onto mobile phones. Surely something could be done to make getting your luggage to and from the airport a little easier? With that in mind, AirPortr was founded with one clear aim – to make travel simpler.”


Why we like them: Making things simpler is exactly why we like them. We are encouraged by businesses who are taking the initiative to recognise a need, and come up with a solution that takes the hassle out of the day-to-day. And while they currently only offer this integrated service with British Airways travellers, the team are hard at work to roll this initiative out to other international airlines as well. With luggage-free travel becoming the new way to travel, Airportr’s product offering sits right in the travel sweet spot.

For more information about what they do, visit their website here: