In our weekly Focus on Friday blog post,  we look at companies and developments doing some pretty cool things. In this edition, we take a look at appScatter – a mobile strategy platform that gives you the opportunity to manage and monitor hundreds of app stores through one central platform.


Here’s what they say:The appScatter platform is a fully agile system. It has been designed to allow you to use your preferred connectors and add-ons to give seamless integration. Choose from hundreds of add-ons in the appScatter Market Place. If you do not find what you need, we will help you create the solution to maximise your appScatter experience.”


What we like about appScatter:  For any developer of an app, the challenge most often is not in the creation of the app, but rather in the deployment and promotion of it – getting maximum number of eyes onto your solution – and knowing how well it’s doing in comparison to your competition. We know that there are thousands of apps out there that make our lives easier, increase our productivity and help us simply lives our lives more easily and with less fuss. But what we love about appScatter is that they take a daily challenge and simplify it for you. Through their platform, they give you immediate visibility into performance of your app, open up opportunities where you could be taking market advantage, provide insight into your competitor’s products, and more. And if organisations like Slack, Xero and Salesforce see the benefit, then the product speaks for itself. A great, simple tool to reap maximum benefit.


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