Every so often, we come across a business that’s doing something really cool. We share the stories with each other in the office, and browse their website looking at galleries, marvelling at how they’re changing their customer’s lives.

So, we’ve decided to do a little more than just chat around the watercooler. We’re introducing….


The Focus on Friday (or ‘FOF’ as it’s quickly being called)  blog series will aim to showcase one business doing extraordinary things. With no commitment, no compensation – we’re just giving something back, and shedding some light, in the spirit of innovation and simple cool-factor, on an individual or a business, making waves.

This week, we feature FREEFORM – the original stretch tent.

Here’s what they say: “For more than a decade Freeform® has pioneered the development of the extraordinary stretch tent concept to create tents that deliver unmatched value to event rental businesses and commercial spaces across the globe. We have built our business on our commitment to quality, and have earned the loyalty of the customers who support us with our constant desire to improve, innovate and deliver tents that exceed expectations.”


 What we like about Freeform:  They are market agnostic – and through their versatile, modular approach, it means that their product can suit any setup, any location, and any occasion. They have also introduced a reseller and rental arm to their business which allows other businesses to become part of a growing network, and a well-established brand, serving both the B2C and the B2B market beautifully.  Their business model lends itself to agility in a growing economy and through their global footprint already, Freeform is set for huge success: Definitely one to watch!

For more information about them, visit http://www.freeformtents.com/

If you’re doing something innovative, and you’d like your business to be featured in the next Focus on Friday feature – then get in touch with us today.