This week, we touched on the tectonic shifts within the Technology industry, amongst others, towards AI, IoT, Robotics and more. So, what better way to highlight exactly how that’s happening but through our regular Focus on Friday feature. And this week, we look at a company that specialises in brand advertising through the use of data and artificial intelligence. That company is called LoopMe.

What they say: “LoopMe is the largest mobile-first video advertising platform, uniquely using mobile data and AI to measurably improve results and outcomes for marketers, and the brand experience for customers. We make it easy for our clients to buy effective advertising through their preferred channel by offering a full stack platform. LoopMe’s solution includes an integrated DMP, artificial intelligence and multiple video formats that can be accessed via self-serve, PMP, exchange or managed service. The company was founded by experienced mobile advertising executives Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco van de Bergh (CTO), with the mission to improve mobile advertising for advertisers, publishers and end-users alike, by providing more engaging ad formats that improve the end-user experience as well as deliver better performance and results.

What we like about them: Also featured as one of City AM’s Leap 100, LoopMe is driven by data. But not just leaving it there, their AI software self-learns which people will change their mind about products and services after seeing video advertising, and targets the moments that change their opinions. An incredibly intuitive, forward-thinking, consumer-driven solution that enables their clients to pinpoint consumer behaviour and interact with them, at the moment that it matters most. They’re forward-thinkers. They’re at the leading edge of major digital disruption and through collaborating with the right technology, they’re catering to, and providing, and even better consumer experience.

If you want to know more about how their software works, visit their site here.

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