You’d no doubt have seen little adverts pop up on your browsing activity and on TV about a little business doing some big things. We’re talking about Perkbox – a company whose mission it is to create happy, engaged workforces. Using the latest technology, their platform help businesses attract, engage and retain employees.

Featured as one of Forbes’ 10 best UK startups and one of 25 industry disruptors by LinkedIn, Perkbox is designed to enhance the financial, emotional and physical well-being of employees with access to perks and benefits like free mobile-phone insurance, shopping discounts, exclusive access to events and more.


Here’s what they say:  “61% of the UK’s workforce is ‘disengaged’. This means they are not passionate about their jobs or loyal to their companies and costs the UK economy £340 billion a year. Engaging your employees boosts productivity and makes your company a more attractive place to work.”

Here’s why we like them: Our entire economy is challenged daily by huge transformational challenges – and a lot of that has to with a changing world of work. Organisations are becoming more fluid in the way they service their customers and approach core organisational strategies. People are taking their rightful place at the top of the workplace agenda as businesses strive to have the best, do their best, all the time all for the sake of increased productivity, and long-term success. But how do you do that without a motivated and engaged workforce? You don’t.  We like Perkbox because that’s the core of what they do. Their business was founded on enabling an engaged and motivated employee team – regardless of industry type, company size or market segment.   Sure, there is a lot more to employee engagement and buy-in than a box of chocolates, but with Perkbox, it’s not just about reward. It’s about attraction and retention – building your people management strategy for the long-run. And we think that’s great.


For more information about Perkbox – check out their website here.


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