In the spirit of our recent Tech Trends blog series, we came across a 3-year old startup called Squirrel – a London-based FinTech business helping customers make intelligent financial decisions, and helping them save and live, at the same time.

Featured as one of City a.m’s Leap 100 – a list of 100 of the most fast growing and exiting businesses in the UK at the moment, Squirrel “provides the UK’s #1 solution for saving and managing money. It combines a bank account and app that empowers people to set a plan for their finances and more importantly, stick to it. Squirrel’s proprietary technology manages money automatically for individuals in accounts held at Barclays, so that they only get access to money right before it’s due making it easier to save and not run out of money“.

And because we love people who are doing extraordinary things, we thought that they deserved a well-placed spot on our Focus on Friday feature.


Here’s what they say:  “Squirrel makes it super easy and fun to save for your goals and create – then keep to – your very own personalised budget. After joining, simply add your monthly expenses and saving goals, then customise them with your own photos and names. This could be money for a holiday, your monthly Netflix subscription, a deposit for a new place or whatever excites you. The app then keeps your savings safe and pays out your spending and bill money as you need it.”


Here’s why we like them: Any tool that enables its users to spend wisely, and live responsibly, is a tick in our books.  Not only does it practically deliver a way for users to spend responsibly, it teaches wise spending and saving habits.  We also love that they’ve been selected to be part of GovStart’s public 100 list – growth programme brought to you by Public, giving startups the access, insight, network and capital to capture the $400bn global govtech market. Not only that, they’ve been featured in the media as a must-have app to get on top of your finances, and their reviews so far, speak for themselves.  This startup saw a need, and is servicing that need – and helping people get control back into their lives and manage their finances more responsibly.

For more information about Squirrel – check out their website here. 


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