Last week, we introduced a new feature on our blog. Because Innovation is hugely important to us, and to our clients – we thought we’d give something back on a Friday by honouring those businesses and individuals who are doing extraordinary things.

And this week, we’d like to pay homage to a young entrepreneur who is changing the way people swim – and potentially saving lives.


We are proud to feature Turtle Pack



About Turtle Pack:

Here’s what they say:Turtle Pack is a flotation device designed to help children learn to swim effectively. As the child’s confidence and coordination improves in the swimming pool, the buoyancy can be easily reduced. The child’s arms are free so they can swim with no restrictions and provides the correct horizontal body position. The progressional aspect challenges the swimmer to work harder and visually rewards them each time a shell is removed. Most importantly, Turtle Pack is fun and enjoyable to use.”


What we like about Turtle Pack:  These guys have created a product that is so simple, yet life-savingly effective. Already, being awarded £110,000 in funding by the Scottish Edge awards ceremony, and has captured the news for so many good reasons. The founder, Michael Harkins, is an entrepreneur who is thinking ahead and, without complication or fuss, has understood a need, and developed a product that satisfies that need. And he’s being recognised for it. They’ve innovated and created a product that not only teaches children how to swim better and therefore playing a huge role in protecting their safety in water, but the device is a fun alternative to helping children deal with anxiety, build their confidence and develop essential life skills.


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