Converting an idea into reality – regardless of the investment of time or money – is never an easy thing. In fact, in this blog, we speak about inventors that failed on numerous occasions before they transformed our living world with their ideas.


As a corporate executive, we know that bringing your idea to life is very much like giving birth to a new child – you have to own the outcome and the responsibility of that outcome, no matter what it ends up being. Great, if your idea works. Not as great, if it doesn’t.   And unfortunately, in an economy where traditionally, the workforce has been trained to merely execute what they’re being told, organisations today take a very different viewpoint – introducing Heads of Innovation, and Open Innovation teams – all with a specific task to create and find the new.


And so, we hear it so often. Your team is filled with wonderful ideas – new product, new concept, new operational improvement. And that’s great. But somehow, getting that idea over the line doesn’t seem to materialise. Make no mistake, you’re not at a loss for something new to take world by storm. Where you are struggling is finding the link that turns those ideas, into reality.  Whether you’re a large corporate looking to change an industry, or whether you’re a function within a business, looking to prove a concept, you need the same thing: an opportunity.


So. We’ve got news for you.  Here’s your opportunity.

CFPro Ventures works with an extensive network of investors, operational experts and senior executives who are all looking to not only grow their own portfolio but who have years of experience of doing exactly what you’re struggling to do today. Some of these may be innovators who are already in the space that you’re trying to enter, but they may be looking for new product and concept ideas to work with, while others may be looking for an opportunity to invest and get involved with a new concept – bring their own expertise of moving innovation forward towards launch.  Whether you need funding, extra hands or strategy know-how, whether you’re looking for a foot into a new market, or an group of individuals who have the leverage you need to launch your own concept – then the opportunity you’ve been looking for, has just been served to you.


As a starter, why not read more about some of our partners who have been there and done this before. And when you’re ready to know more, get in touch with us.