All too often, things appear far more complicated than they really are. That’s why we like to keep things simple, straight-forward, and clear. So, when working with us, we offer you a simple 3-step approach:


Before: Preparing the business and leadership team for the approach to investors: 

CFPro Ventures has a detailed process that mirrors investor due diligence. It will also include preparation of a business plan, financial forecasts and investor presentations. We will work with you and your team to ensure the business has been reviewed thoroughly, with risks addressed or minimised. Our objective is to impress potential investors to the point where their own due diligence is minimised and confidence in the business and its leadership team is maximised.


During: Supporting the team in securing funding: 

Having worked closely with the business and its people, CFPro Ventures will have an in-depth knowledge of the type of investment / investor required. We will use this knowledge to pre-select a small number of relevant individuals, institutions and advisers with the view of keeping the process as succinct and competitive as possible.


After: Post-investment support to ensure growth and profitability objectives are achieved: 

The biggest challenge post-investment is the ability to keep creating a trading environment where exponential growth is encouraged and achieved. With the business leadership focused on product/service offerings, markets, competitors and clients, we will look after all the other requirements, which we refer to as the business infrastructure. This includes functional activities such as financial reporting, establishing performance measures, people development, protecting IP, managing the supply chain, facilities management, team building, etcetera. We will also play a leading part in managing investor relations, ensuring the business plan is being delivered and ROI achieved.


CFPro Ventures’ involvement can be in the form of a Non-exec Director and / or a dedicated team of consultants to deliver the business plan infrastructure. We will also monitor the performance of the leadership team and other aspects that will maintain high levels of investor confidence.


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