In case you’ve missed the news, innovation is (probably) the answer to most of your organisational woes. Whether it’s structurally, strategically, operationally – if you’re not constantly looking at how to do things better, then you’re quickly at risk of being left in the dust, and becoming yet another statistic of organisational demise.

And this week, in the spirit of innovation, we see that expand even more with the kick off of the London #PropTech18 event. Reported to be well established as the leading & most well attended global event dedicated to the technology innovation & digital transformation occurring in the wider Real Estate sector, PropTech18 looks at organisations and individuals who are taking dramatic strides in the world of innovation within the property sector. For their 4th annual conference, the event brings together over 1,600 delegates and influencers who are focussed on driving innovation, digital transformation, and effecting change through looking at, and doing, things differently.

At the same time, on the other side of the country in Glasgow, the annual All Energy Exhibition & Conference kicks off. Being the UK’s largest event devoted to all forms of renewable & sustainable energy, this event, aims to showcase the latest technologies and services for the energy supply chain and both private and public sector energy end users. From showcasing smart sustainable cities in Malaysia, to smart urban mobility solutions, through to a demonstration of positive steps organisations can take towards onsite industry decarbonisation, the underlying subject that is showing disruption in practice, is innovation.

And whether you’re attending either of these events, or whether you’ve attended any of the other hundreds of events all focussed on innovating and disrupting your industry, one thing is certain. If you’re not already innovating, you should be.  But innovating doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with the next gadget that automatically boils water for your tea, makes your breakfast, and irons your shirt for work (although, that would be nice), innovation can be as small as looking at the way you handle your inbound customer query process, and find better ways of providing and delivering a great service. It could be in throwing the old rule book out of the window, and reviewing your strategy with new vision, new expertise. It could even be challenging the growth path you’ve set for yourself – testing your market, and either adapting to changes, or reinforcing that which has been proven, to check that you’re still on the right path.

And if you aren’t already keeping yourself up to date on the latest events, latest information, and latest expertise, isn’t it time you did?

If you’re ready for change, then we’re ready to talk to you. Take advantage of years of expertise of growing business, transforming business away from distress, and establishing sound, structural operations that build a foundation of long-term sustainability.

How to develop a culture for innovation

How to develop a culture for innovation