Behind every success story is very often an embarrassing first effort, a stumble, a setback or a radical change of direction. From the hydraulic press to the television, the bagless vacuum cleaner to the World Wide Web, the British powerhouse of innovation is one that has been a hailed hero throughout the ages. And yet, for so many innovators and creators, moving their design from concept to product proved to be more of a tragedy than a triumph. And in today’s economic climate – not much has changed.  In fact, so much new concept potential lies buried deep inside the obstacles their creators face, that our economy runs a serious risk of missing out on the next best thing, simply because they don’t know where to turn to for help.

Keeping up with keeping up

For innovators, whether they are large, process-driven organisations, or individuals within organisations with an exciting new idea, keeping up with the fast-changing technological world can be a huge stumbling block. Organisations face legacy-tech issues and very often shareholders, large client-bases and company cultures that simply hold them back from being open to new innovation.  Where startups or high-growth organisations side-step traditional corporate red-tape, they face a challenge of a different kind – complete lack of financial and resource ability to get their idea off the ground in the first place. They are intent on focusing on their business and keeping the doors open for tomorrow, that any new opportunity for innovation takes a back-seat.

Here’s your wake-up call

And while you, whether you’re the leader of a large organisation, or an individual with a business that is trying to get an exciting new concept off the ground, face knock-back after knock-back – chances are that our economy and next generation thinking risks losing something that is at the tip of your fingertips.

And while most of the focus lies at the foot of the #Tech worlds, we know and recognise that not all innovation starts with an amazing new app, or a robotic-something that does XYZ. Your innovation may be through a product concept that represents a new and improved way of doing things, or an attractive new product design created for existing uses. It may be a product or concept that deals with a new challenge or simply a new product that stands out, ready for global distribution. Whatever it is – we have a solution for you.

CFPro Ventures recognises British ingenuity – and when it comes to finding the resources to launch something new, we just may become your secret weapon. With extensive experience in the Engineering and Financial worlds, our Founders have the skill and know-how to kick-start your innovation and secure the support (both financial and otherwise) you need to get your idea from concept to product.  We bridge the gap between businesses seeking growth opportunities and the investment community, through providing business support and infrastructure that enables exponential business growth.

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