We know that in today’s modern society, it’s very easy to become caught up in the drive for the bigger, flashier, faster – but yet in the somewhat quieter, more provoking corner of the innovation world lies a creative opportunity that is more necessity than desire, responsibility than flare – it’s the entrepreneur focussed on innovations that simply make people’s lives better.  

We have always been inspired by individuals and organisations who are driven to make a real difference to people’s lives, simply by doing what they know best: a symbiotic relationship between business and responsibility. And whether it’s social technology helping us to communicate better, or whether it’s simply helping a child be able to improve the way they walk, we are passionate about helping businesses make a difference, and becoming conscious about the way they innovate.


Responsible Innovation

One might say that through the type of work they do, and the innovations they are part of, entrepreneurs and engineers are writing history. As they become involved in products that effectively change the world, they start to carry a huge amount of responsibility purely because they are involved in the creation thereof. But what happens once the products reach the market, and start to effect even further-reaching markets and adaptations – how much control do the creators of these products retain in order to remain responsible? This is the debate around Responsible Innovation, or RI.  Although the concept of RI is still in its infancy, businesses and individuals who are operating in this space are starting to realise the importance of having stalwart business support to fully enable their creations. Whether they’re requiring funding or business infrastructure support, they know that, in order for them to realise their vision, they need a structure behind them that helps to propel them forward, in the right, secure, direction.


Innovation for Humanity

It doesn’t take long to find some of the most incredible British inventions that are transforming people’s lives – both here in the UK and all over the world. From Andiamo, a UK business whose aim it is to reduce the waiting periods disabled children have to endure before they can receive orthotics to  Azuri Technologies, a Pay As You Go Energy service enabling 600 million people in rural areas of 11 countries in sub-Saharan Africa who are currently living without electricity in their homes to access affordable, pay-as-you-go electricity for lighting and device charging, through to GyroGlove, an product that uses spinning gyroscopes to help stabilise tremors in the hands to help people who have severe problems holding and manipulating objects, all of these businesses and creations started somewhere – and faced their own fair share of startup challenges: whether it was finding the right business investment to support their new concept, or whether it was simply finding the right business partner to help get their own affairs in order.


CFPro Ventures understands the importance of putting the right process in place that sets you on the path towards successful innovation and innovation deployment.  So if you have a challenge ahead, and need to talk to someone that could offer you the support you need – then give us a call today.