Business innovation, Open Innovation, Responsible Innovation, Social Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Innovation Management and Innovation Capital – just a few select buzzwords overheard in the passages of most organisations as they wage war on their competitor by outsmarting, outperforming, outliving them and their services or products.

And although each of these principles appear to be a more recent testament to our evolving economy, the truth of the matter is that innovation has been around since man discovered fire (or even before that).  So, it goes without saying that to create is to evolve, and to evolve is to grow: so why, in a world where competition is at its fiercest, do organisations still find themselves held back by a lack of ability (whether self-inflicted or otherwise) to innovate?


What do we need? INNOVATION. When do we need it? NOW

Stian Westlake put it beautifully in an article back in 2012 in the Guardian where he wrote, “British innovation is not dead. But it needs public investment to flourish. The potential of innovation to transform lives is as great as ever. Politicians should see that economic recovery depends on it”. Could he possibly have had a premonition as to what lay ahead? Perhaps so.

In fact – it wasn’t only Stian who believed that the solution to an economic recovery lay in the need for a more astute focus on innovation. With the birth of incentives and institutions that encourage innovation and creativity like Innovate UK (a British Government initiative) and entire functions being created in massive global organisations like Philips, Electrolux and Barclays, it is clear that what we need is innovation, and when we need it, is now.


The Best Decade for Innovation

And while the 1820s may have been the “best decade for British innovation”, perhaps it has only been so because the amount of hoops and hurdles, push-backs and power-downs developed since then, that have simply restricted not only our ability to successfully launch a product, but fizzled our desire to create, even at the thought of what we’d need to achieve to become successful.

It is for this exact purpose that the team at CFPro Ventures has expanded their service offering that bridges the gap between the creator and their business opportunity. Working very closely with businesses and individuals who are at the forefront of growth, we enable and empower growth simply by helping organisations become investment ready, and connect them with the right resources to help their ideas become reality.


So while many simply encourage, CFPro Ventures enable – and we’d love to talk to you today to get you started on your product delivery path. Give us a call.