For centuries, Britain has been known as an innovation powerhouse. Individuals, just like you, have been (and still are) coming up with ideas and products which completely transform the way our world turns. And as the curve of innovation only continues to grow, there is one huge problem.

Innovation without commercialisation means nothing.

Harsh, but true. From Universities to start-ups to science labs to boardroom tables, the United Kingdom is a fertile ground for innovation. However, the one missing element of successful innovation constantly being overlooked is effective monetisation. Without this, we’d still be living in the dark, travelling to work by horse and carriage, dying from diseases like smallpox. In fact, you could go as far as saying that without commercialising innovation ideas, life, as we know it today, would simply not exist.

And if you’re reading this – then it’s highly probable that you need help with turning your idea into value – and that’s where we can help.


From Shed to Showcase

For many, their innovations started with a simple test – an exploration into the “if I did this, then what would happen?” from behind bedroom doors and inside sheds at the bottom of gardens. For others, the creation of new products or services started within high-functioning corporate departments but sadly didn’t quite fit into any development roadmap or long-term business development strategy.  Both, unfortunately, result in the same outcome: An idea without execution.


“I can’t find the capital partner that holds my best interest at heart”

For many creators, finding investment is a daunting process – not because of the work involved, but simply because they are worried that they’re going to be eaten up and swallowed whole by some unscrupulous big corporate. They’re either concerned about, in return for the cash injection their innovation needs, their innovation idea losing its direction, or they’re worried about losing complete control over the direction their idea takes.


“My innovation is way too niche to be commercialised”

Other creators have come up with a solution that is so niche and specialist that they may not even know where to start commercialising. They are looking for a foot into the business world, but finding their gatekeeper is like trying to find unbiased opinion in a political debate, or fur on a rattlesnake – near to impossible.


you decide to work with CFPro Ventures.  We are industry people – which means that although we’re close to, and connected with, the City, we are individuals just like you who are passionate about making things happen. We understand how industry works and with a team of over 80 people, we have all the specialist skill any inventor would need to not only provide ways to commercialise an idea, but to protect your interests and negotiate agreements that suit your long-term plans – whether they be to sell your idea to another organisation, find funding that allows you to grow and launch your idea yourself or feed into a greater engineering destiny.

Whatever your long-term plan is, our operational, commercial and strategic experience means that you have the right partner on your side, to launch your innovation for profit. We are globally connected to investors (both general as well as sector-specific) and we’d love to work with you. So, take the smartest step you’ll take today, and call us for a conversation.




How to get your innovation to market