CFPro Ventures Case Study: Online Gaming Business

Customers come to CFPro Ventures because they recognise they need help to achieve exponential growth. And in the case of this entrepreneur, that was no different. This iGaming and printed publication business built their enterprise from the ground up, led by a very innovative, and forward-thinking entrepreneur, called Dobromir.

Having set out on his business journey when the online gaming industry was just starting to boom in Eastern Europe in 2007, he immediately recognised new opportunities to build and grow a business through multiple channels that now became available to him. Over a period of 6 months, he not only established a successful new business, but also acquired the necessary licensing and publication rights from a leading international gaming platform. He subsequently launched the first localised magazine of it’s kind. Being completely self-funded through advertising agreements, Dobromir didn’t wait before looking for his next growth opportunity and, within 6 months of launch, had soon acquired the necessary license to launch the publication into 3 new territories, growing distribution numbers by 700%. But it wasn’t just distribution that grew, Dobromir’s revenue was growing rapidly too.


His client and partner relationships were strong, a regular revenue stream was established and his business was profitable. The market and media were starting to take note of his performance and he was being recognised for all the right reasons.


His continued success also included organising the biggest live online gaming event within his market, at the age of only 23, and worked alongside a gaming business where, over the course of 3 years, he delivered a 20% year-on-year growth for them.

In a challenging economical climate, and particularly in the gaming industry where consumers expect developments to be quicker, easier, cheaper, businesses need to be able to adjust to the increasing demands placed upon them. Dobromir’s business agility meant that he was constantly positioned to be at the forefront of their demands – while, at the same time, remaining focussed on his business’ next stage growth opportunity, and it was as a result of this that he developed a new approach that would create an online gaming business in a more convenient, functional, fast and satisfying way for the end users – the players – leading him to creating a more agile, technology platform that would give him the ability he needed to flex with the end-customer changes as and when they happened.

The experience he has gained, alongside the intrinsic understanding of his industry and his market led him to even higher growth aspirations – all of which he recognised he needed help with. And that’s what led Dobromir to CFPro Ventures.

CFPro Ventures is proud to be working with Dobromir as we help him map out his strategic growth plan for his business and identify and provide access to new opportunities that will catapult him, and his business, to exponential growth.


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