When new clients get to know us, without fail, it’s our operational insight that helps us to stand out from other business support initiatives. In particular, the fact that we are able to talk from a position of experience as opposed to directive.  

Without flapping the t-shirt in front of your screen, when we say, “We’ve been there” – we mean it.

Here’s why:

Working today, building for the future

The very foundation of our business, our business ethos, our extended partner network and almost everything we do, is about planning for the future – whatever your dream of the future looks like. So, whether we’re helping our clients plan for a Merger, or 2nd-round funding, or a successful exit strategy – everything we do is about helping you get read today, for tomorrow. And without an operational strategy that supports that, you may as well give up trying now. Attempting to grow tomorrow, while basing your growth on antiquated process, is futile – which is why our team, who has years of operational experience, are ready to get to work with you today, to get you fit for tomorrow.

Data-intelligence, success focussed

They say that any key to a great operational structure, is to be able to develop an independent, unbiased view of the effectiveness of your operations; and doing that through data-led insight. Although that is true, our team brings not only data-intelligence, but data-insight that isn’t simply focussed on “getting things right”, but rather “delivering success”.  We are analytical, but not pigeonholed; we are big-picture thinkers but not esoteric.  But most importantly, we are focussed on helping you get to where you want, and need, to be – by focussing on the things that need to happen, to get you there.

Organisational Transformation

Each of our founders come from a strong operational background – where they have been instrumental in completely transforming organisations – and in some cases, transforming them from near-destruction towards acquisition-gold, within a matter of months. Whether it was Hardy who, within his first year of working with Energis Communications, doubled their revenue run rate, or anyone else on the team who have had incredibly successful careers, the CFPro Ventures team understand the fundamental necessity of ducks in rows heading towards business success.

Transparency & Clarity

In an operational world, if you don’t have clarity & transparency, you’re probably building a sandcastle out of quicksand, which is why we are focussed on being transparent and honest in our communication, our direction, our delivery and most of all, our business support to you. We choose to do that because we understand the importance and relevance that this has in an operational world.  Without your entire operations team understanding what the process is, how it works, and what they need to do when things go wrong, you are more than likely to have a little, or a lot, fall through the cracks of your business. And when there’s 1 crack, it won’t take long before that crack starts to edge deeper and deeper into your organisational infrastructure. Our job is to remove the cracks, get you focussed on the right business practice, and your organisation headed towards growth.

If you are ready to set your business on the path towards growth – speak to us today.