The journey of innovation and entrepreneurship can be a lonely one. You may be at the receiving end of lots of encouragement and “You Can Do It’s”, but there comes a point in most entrepreneur’s lives when the road you’re on becomes all-too-solitary. People come and go, opportunities invade and just as quickly, dissipate, and the only consistent on this path to discovery, is you.

We get that. Because we’ve been there.

When things go well, then that’s wonderful. But when things become challenging, and you realise that the fundamentals of your belief in your innovative idea is being shaken and stirred, that’s when one ordinarily looks to the support circle around you to tap into insight, pragmatism, simplicity and focus. Which is why the call to establish the right support that walks that journey with you, is paramount.

Yes, we know that Stress is one of the most underrated mental health issues facing most people today. We silently breathe over the concern that tugs at our intuition to deliver more, quicker, better – while it eats at our core, breaking down our confidence, perspective and clarity – one bit at a time. But there’s something even more dangerous when walking the entrepreneur’s walk.


You may be surrounded by huge teams of people who fervently have their heads down, delivering the day-to-day. And you may have a great management team who do what you ask, and take initiative that contributes towards a common goal – and that’s wonderful. But when it comes to like-minded, long-term visionaries, very few of us can accurately claim to have even 1 such person as our go-to.

Think about when you started out on this journey. You had a thought – a belief – in something. You relied on yourself, you learnt to trust yourself and bit-by-bit, you realised that you had it within you to become truly successful. Your track record has probably showed that too. And so, the company you have built has become such an intrinsic part of your own make up that, very often, it’s difficult to see where one ends, and the other begins.

And yes, there may have been some great successes that you have had the opportunity to share with clients, staff, shareholders, but we’re sure that there have also been a substantial amount of failures. And it’s highly likely that when it came to sharing those, friends were few. Not many wanted to delight in sharing those.

So, just as you did in the beginning, you’ve learnt to rely only on yourself. Until now.

CFPro Ventures was started by Hardy Giesler and Barbara Spurrier, who have both worked in senior roles in industry for more than 30 years. They’re entrepreneurs, they’ve walked your journey. And now, they bridge the gap between those who are ready for growth, and the investment community. They support you through that process, get you what your business needs to grow, and continue to support you long after that too.

If you’re ready to grow, and want to take advantage of a new support offered to entrepreneurial leaders just like you, then call us.