CFPro Ventures were recently invited to take part in an initiative that supports and encourages business growth and entrepreneurship. The event, run by the The Startup Leadership Program, offered budding entrepreneurs and business leaders to pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry experts who had the opportunity to critique and offer advice that would help them improve their pitching style, and develop their business ideas even more.

The SLP is a global, not-for-profit educational program and professional network for the next generation of founders and entrepreneurs.

As part of the judging and mentoring panel, we worked alongside industry stalwarts like Patrick Newton, Peter Antenen, Suneet Shivaprasad and Joyce Xie – herself an M&A advisor having served within HSBC’s investment banking division covering the Telecoms, Media, and Technology sector prior to joining The IP Group.

Serving on the judging panel, we were incredibly encouraged and excited by the high calibre of next generation business leaders that are being developed as we speak.  And on this particular day, had the wonderful opportunity to meet a few of them.

Travelkist – A startup that allows you to create your own personal travel guide and share that with other budding travellers.
ReachX – A startup that is exploring the realm of alternative investment research
Imin – A technology platform that aggregates open data around physical activity.
Sagely – A Fintech company led by Johann Borman. This startup seeks to provide financial advice using a subscription model.
Bitscribe – A great product that enables the digital recording of conference calls with transcription and analytical services as bolt-on components.
Spark the Difference – A consulting service that is focussed on encouraging empathic decision-making within the healthcare industry.

And more.

A great event organised by the Startup Leadership Team. For more about how we enable businesses to reach their full growth potential, click here.