We identify companies that are underperforming and improve performance through a combination of growth and margin improvement.  These tend to be companies that are not necessarily distressed but could do better.  Failure to respond often means they lose out to competitors in the medium term.  Our focus is on:

  • Building the business infrastructure for growth;
  • Generating cash;
  • Supporting the management team in delivering an accelerated growth plan.


Re:Focus case study:

A fund acquired a large enterprise with turnover in excess of £1 billion. Part of the acquisition was a specialist business with turnover of £50 million. Since the business was not in distress, losing cash or causing reputational damage, the lost value was not identified. CFPro Ventures identified that the average net margin over 5 years was below 5%, well below the top quartile sector performance of 12 – 15%.  CFPro Ventures has made a commitment to increase both top line and bottom line, adding significant value over a period of 4 years.


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