Entrepreneur vs CEO: You’re probably not the same person.

Some startup entrepreneurs are just not meant to be CEOs *hushed silence* Stay with us for a second. We've watched this phenomenon for years. Excited founders of startups that have discovered a market-challenging idea, built that idea into a business, developed a strategic plan that sees that idea deliver great revenue results. The team is growing, the culture is great. And things are just hunky-dory. Not always. Unfortunately, the cold hard truth of the matter is that many startup founders simply do not encompass the skills (often derived from years of experience) and innate leadership qualities required of a solid, [...]

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Why entrepreneurs need help when it comes to Corporate Venture partnerships

We understand that as an entrepreneur, you want to grow. After all, nobody started a business to just stand still. Sure, different entrepreneurs may have different rates of growth in mind, but most new businesses are looking for ways to develop. And when it’s exponential growth that they’re looking for, well, that’s where we get involved. For many, traditional fund-raising activities no longer suffice, or don’t suit their business. And they start to explore alternative funding options available – one being the route of corporate venturing, where larger organisations directly invest their corporate funds into external start-up companies. Corporate Venture [...]

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The art of leadership in a high-growth environment

Leadership in business is often seen as one of the most difficult characteristics to nurture - as ironic as that sounds. Surely if you're in management, you lead?  Not always the case. We could spend countless hours detailing the fine art of Leadership, discussing the different types of leadership, the effectiveness of one over the other and more, but that's not what we plan to do today.  However, if you're reading this, then we'd be pretty certain to place our bets on the fact that you, as an individual, have the leadership qualities we speak about - or at least, [...]

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Overcoming the loneliness of Entrepreneurship

The journey of innovation and entrepreneurship can be a lonely one. You may be at the receiving end of lots of encouragement and “You Can Do It’s”, but there comes a point in most entrepreneur’s lives when the road you’re on becomes all-too-solitary. People come and go, opportunities invade and just as quickly, dissipate, and the only consistent on this path to discovery, is you. We get that. Because we’ve been there. When things go well, then that’s wonderful. But when things become challenging, and you realise that the fundamentals of your belief in your innovative idea is being shaken [...]

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Even young entrepreneurs need exit strategies

Think The Exit Strategy is just for mid-senior executives? Think again. Entrepreneurs, regardless of age, live for the struggle and excitement of starting something new. And although many keep their focus on moving past their first few years in business, many neglect to think about an exit strategy – how to get their money back out again. Traditionally, the Exit Strategy used to be something that was synonymous with the more senior executive, but with more and more younger entrepreneurs disrupting our marketplace and creating exciting new businesses, the traditional Exit Strategy has become a concern for all ages. And [...]

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The birth of the Millennipreneur

A new generation of entrepreneurs has arrived – and they’re starting businesses quicker that it takes to boil the kettle. They’re not only starting more businesses, but they’re already outperforming their parents and these so-called “Millennipreneurs”, at just 20 to 35 years old, are starting more companies, managing bigger talent teams and targeting higher profit than their predecessors. These findings come from the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, and it recalls: “From Generation Y, born between 1980 and 1995, they stand out by creating an increased number of companies, both in the new economy and traditional sectors. They average launched [...]

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