Focus on Friday: Squirrel

In the spirit of our recent Tech Trends blog series, we came across a 3-year old startup called Squirrel - a London-based FinTech business helping customers make intelligent financial decisions, and helping them save and live, at the same time. Featured as one of City a.m's Leap 100 - a list of 100 of the most fast growing and exiting businesses in the UK at the moment, Squirrel "provides the UK's #1 solution for saving and managing money. It combines a bank account and app that empowers people to set a plan for their finances and more importantly, stick to [...]

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Top 10 innovative FinTech companies changing their industry today.

As we continue our countdown journey, we now look at the most influential, technologically-inspiring, businesses changing the FinTech marketplace today.  In this article, we review 10 FinTech businesses who are changing the marketplace for the better through innovation, technological know-how, and an attitude that change is not something to be scared of, but rather embedded in their organisational culture.   YoYo Wallet: Yoyo is the fastest growing mobile wallet in Europe. Yoyo gives their consumers easy access to secure mobile payments, automated loyalty and digital receipt collection. But it does more than that, it also provides personalised offers based on [...]

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Fuelling growth through Innovation

In a recent Deloitte study, an article was published that detailed Deloitte’s outlook for 2017, and beyond. The outlook was clear, echoing what we at CFPro Ventures already see, that “Increasingly companies are adopting inorganic growth strategies to create 'businesses of tomorrow' through M&A and corporate venturing.” We take a closer look at exactly why companies are ramping up their growth strategies through developed and developing innovation strategies.   Shifts in Technology Whether it’s AI, Machine Learning, cybercurrency or cognitive computing, the advances in technology are providing major breakthroughs across industry. Overnight, the development of buzzwords driven by technology have [...]

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