To Float or Not to Float

Floating a company, or Going Public, is the legal process by which a company goes from being privately to publicly held. This process can be quite daunting to any organisation looking to grow through IPO and takes the company through a series of activities which ultimately results in a percentage of the company is made available for purchase by the general investing public, on an investment platform, like a stock exchange.  The sale of stock which was previously privately held is now called the Initial Public Offering, or IPO. Where most organisations see Going Public as a way to raise [...]

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When it’s time for an IPO: It’s time to know your type.

Before a company even considers an Initial Public Offering (IPO), it needs to know whether it is in a position to do so. To get to this decision, a business needs to go through a full business audit or review in order to understand all the potential issues that an IPO, and the process of “Going Public” causes, and whether the business will be able to deal with the issues as they arise.  In order to understand the IPO process, it’s necessary for you to get to grips with the many types of IPO that a business may pursue and [...]

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When Pre-IPO is more than just gobbledygook.

When a business is at that stage of its life that it starts to consider its big “Next Step”, more often than not, the business strategy could lead them in the direction of stepping from the Private into the Public commercial worlds. Knowing where to start, how to prepare and how to understand all that the IPO process expects and offers, is very often a challenge in itself. In this series of IPO-related blog posts, we aim to take you through the troublesome to the terrific and provide you with the insight and information you need, to be able to [...]

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