We won’t sugar-coat it. Launching an invention or innovation is tough. Both coming up with the idea, and getting it out to market. The United Kingdom has been at the epicentre of invention and innovation for many years, and as global competition grows, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the need to impress, be better, be first – where all hopes of creativity and innovation stifle, rather than strive. Thankfully, though, there is a silver lining.

If you’ve been browsing around our website, you would have, more than likely, read about our founders and their solid background in industry. The team has been at the cold face of development and growth for many years. We view the British industry as being highly innovate and enterprising, but challenged in terms of converting inventions into commercial gain. And because we know what that feels like, it is our mission to help others in the industry maximise the benefits from their own endeavours through providing a link to a supportive investment community and a team of resources that are best-placed at helping to reach a successful outcome.

Where the commercialising of innovation is concerned, help is typically required in 2 key areas during the earlier stages of development. We explore these in more detail:


Poor Interaction with the Investment Community:

There could be a number of reasons why an entrepreneur finds it difficult to interact with the investor community. It could be that you’ve never done this before, and you simply don’t know where to start. It could be that you’ve done this before, and the experience you had was less than favourable. It could also be that you’ve never done this before, but assume that your idea or product is simply not desirable or good enough for anyone to back with their capital. But it could also be that you are simply not prepared enough, which means that any interaction you may have had, or may still have, is already at risk – simply because you haven’t put the necessary checks and balances in place.

The flip side of that coin is that you may actually have been lucky enough to secure the funding you needed to get your idea off the ground. Great – you’re on your way to growth, right? Nope – not always. We’ve seen so many instances where businesses reach successful investment, but no sooner has the ink dried on the cheque, that the wheels start to fall off completely – and the outcome of what they thought was a great idea, is less than desirable. And where many entrepreneurs struggle is the realisation that ongoing commitment to key stakeholders and investors also require as much preparation and due diligence to get to the point of capital, as it does post funding success.


Lack of Business Infrastructure:

Relatively young companies tend to be under-resourced, with their focus tied into building revenue streams and generating cash. Their concerns are wrapped up in day-to-day operations leaving them very little capacity to think ahead, and, more importantly, think long-term. And unfortunately, the demands on business infrastructure is not easing up. Evolving financial reporting standards, personal data storage consideration, evolving customer demand and purchase behaviours and aligned, capable leadership teams are just some of the increasingly complex and demanding infrastructure expectations occupying business leaders’ thoughts today.

Although they have the foresight, much of this is buried beneath piles of decisions that need to be made and mounds of distractions that unfortunately only lead to unnecessary exposure and, quite often, distraction.


The Golden Ticket

There is always a golden ticket. And this time, it’s not hidden underneath a wrapper. It’s staring you in the face. CFPro Ventures is built up of a team of people who understand your world. We’ve been in it, and we’ve led it. We’ve built our own businesses, and we’ve had our own struggles. But we’ve also worked with the investment community and built key relationships with stakeholders who are interested in businesses like yours, over many years. We call ourselves the bridge between the investment community and the industry – and that’s exactly because we speak both languages. We understand what you need to grow – and we understand what your future investors look for, and expect; both today, and in the long-run.

So, whether you are a SME who is looking to take your business to a new height, by finding the right backer to support your growth journey, or whether you’re a Corporate organisation looking to find your next acquisition or investment venture, then you’re at the right place. Because we are the missing link you’ve been waiting for.